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About Tropical Hour

One speaker per week is selected from the rota (below) to lead a discussion about their research. The discussion will generally be supported by figures, but speakers are encouraged not to plan a formal presentation. Discussion of unfinished work, especially confusing or conflicting results, is encouraged. We expect the speaker's discussion to last around half an hour.

Everyone else is encouraged to bring something along to discuss after the speaker finishes. This could include a plot or two of recent work, technical difficulties you have had, ideas for proposals/experiments, current papers, current weather events - anything you want feedback on.

On the first Monday of every month we discuss current tropical weather and current papers.

The best way to find out who will be discussing his or her work in Tropical Hour is to subscribe to the Tropical Group mailing list.

Tropical Hour Speaker Rota

An 'X' indicates the person has already spoken this round. An 'S' indicates the person is scheduled to speak. If you would like to join the rota, contact Arathy.

... Ambrogio Volante
.X. Amulya Chevuturi
... Andy Turner
... Andrea Gabrielski
.X. Andrea Ficchi
.X. Arathy Menon
... Armenia FrancoDiaz
.X. Bethan Laura Harris
.X. Buwen Dong
.X. Caroline Dunning
... Chimene Daleu
.X. Chris Holloway
.X. Claudia Stephen
.X. Fangxing Tian
.s. Gui-Ying Yang
... Hannah Parker
... Jan Kamieniecki
... Jonathan Beverley
.X. Josh Talib
... Jon Shonk
... Karl Johan Johari Chan
... Kerian Hunt
... Liang Guo
... Linda Hirons
... Matthew Young
... Michael Johnston
... Nathalie Harvey
... Nick Klingaman
... Peter Cook
... Remi Tailleux
... Robert Lee
... Simon Peatman
... Steve Woolnough
.X. Xiangbo Feng
... Ying Ying Toh

Suggested Current Weather Rota
Group A Group B Group C
.X. Andy Turner ... Chimene Daleu .X. Bethan Laura
.X. Buwen Dong ... Jon Shonk .X. Jan Kamieniecki
... Chris Holloway .X. Peter Cook .X. Ying Ying
.X. Amulya Chevuturi .X. Nathalie Harvey ... Matt Young
... Liang Guo ... Fangxing Tian ... Andrea Ficchi
.X. Simon Peatman ... Ambrogio Volante .X. Caroline Dunning
.X. Nick Klingaman .X. Kieran Hunt .X. Karl Johan Chan
... Steve Woolnough ... Guiying Yang .X. Josh Talib
... Remi Tailleux ... Claudia Stephen ... Andrea Gabrielski
.X. Arathy Menon .X. Linda Hirons .X. Jonathan Beverly
... Charlie Williams ... Xiangbo Feng ... Armenia FrancoDiaz
.X. Micheal Johnston .X. Robert Lee ... Hannah Parker