Jasmin at Reading

Log in:
Jasmin has various head nodes. The default is jasmin, Jasmin is defined in the local NIS tables.
You can log into this using ssh with the user name admin and the normal password.

You can also point a web browser at it - https://jasmin. The web interface is intuitive and easy to find you way around.

If the main node is down then the other head nodes are:,,,,,,,,, and
These numbers may change if one of the head nodes dies and has to be replaced.

Collect logs:
sysstat gives the system status for sending to Pananas.
sysstat all > sysstat.txt

To collect logs on a specific host
collect_logs host

upload large files to panasas
scp filename pan-scp@uploads.panasas.com:~
Password: upload

Mypanasas login
Use this for reporting problems - http://www.my.panasas.com/portal/index.php
Best to use your own account when reporting problems.
Just in case my login is a.j.heaps@reading.ac.uk and the normal password with a 1 on the end.
Click on Submit a Service Request to open a ticket.