I'm an Associate Professor of Meteorology in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading. My area of research can be broadly defined as the dynamics of weather systems and their role in transporting atmospheric pollutants. For more details click on the research tab.

Extratropical Cyclone Atlas

The Extratropical Cyclone Atlas explores the mean structure and evolution of the 200 most intense north Atlantic cyclones identified in 20 winters of the ERA-Interim reanalysis data. To access the Atlas click on the Extratropical Cyclone Atlas tab. The cyclone composites in the atlas highlight the relative positions of cold, warm and occluded fronts and their associated wind and cloud patterns. They also illustrate the evolution of cyclonic flows such as the warm and cold conveyor belt and dry intrusion.

My research group

PhD students:

  • Matthew Priestley 2015- present (jointly with Joaquim Pinto and Len Shaffrey)
  • Kate Wilkins 2013- present (jointly with Matt Watson at Bristol)
  • Kate Fradley 2013- present (jointly with Andrew Charlton-Perez)
  • Matt Hawcroft 2011-present (jointly with Len Shaffrey and Kevin Hodges) *submitted*
  • Natalie Harvey 2009-2013 (jointly with Robin Hogan) *completed* Now working as a PDRA on volcanic ash modelling
  • Dan Peake 2008- Oct 2012 (jointly with John Methven) *completed* Now working at MetraWeather
  • Cheikh M'Bengue 2015-present (jointly with Tim Woolings (Oxford) and Lesley Gray (Oxford)) - SummerTIME
  • Natalie Harvey 2013-present (jointly with Dave Thomson (MO) and Andrew Charlton-Perez) - Quantifying uncertainty in volcanic ash forecasting
  • Benoit Vanniere at Imperial College 2012 - present(jointly with Tim Woollings and Arnaud Czaja) - Air-sea interactions over the Gulf Stream
  • Giacomo Masato 2013-2014 (jointly with Andrew Charlton-Perez) - Heat/cold weather forecasts for health impacts
  • Marc Stringer 2012-2013 - Extratopical Cyclone Atlas
  • Marc Stringer 2010 - Extratopical Cyclone Atlas
  • Alan Grant 2010-2011 - Evaluation of volcanic ash forecasts

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