I'm a Professor of Climate Science in Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading and a Senior Scientist in the National Centre for Atmospheric Science. My research focuses on how extremes such as storms, floods and droughts might respond to climate change. I'm the Lead Principal Investigator for the NERC IMPETUS and the EU WINDSURFER projects. I'm also a Principal Investigator for the H2020 IMPREX and H2020 APPLICATE projects. I currently lead a team of researchers investigating the impact of climate change and Arctic sea ice loss on extratropical storms and European weather.
Snapshot of the HiGEM model, showing clouds (greyscale), surface temperatures (colours) and sea ice (pink).
I'm also interested in increasing the resolution of global climate models and was a developer of the high-resolution HiGEM climate model. I'm currently leading a project to produce initialised decadal climate forecasts using HiGEM. External links include being a member of the Willis Research Network, a partnership between academia and insurance industry, the Lead Scientist at the University of Reading for the XWS Extreme European Windstorms Catalogue and the Lead Academic for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with BP on wind and wave risk to offshore oil and gas platforms.


My calendar and a link to the NUGAM movie

Some of the work and the projects I've been involved in the past can be found here.

Len Shaffrey, NCAS, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, Reading. L.C.Shaffrey@reading.ac.uk [an error occurred while processing this directive]