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I am a post-doctoral research scientist in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading.

My recent work has been looking at the root causes of systematic biases in climate models. Their use in seasonal forecasting is becoming more widespread, yet systematic errors are present in these models that could damage their ability to give reliable forecasts. I have been working to identify the chronology of bias development, with the aim of ultimately pointing towards the variable or process that initiates the error.

Previously, my work has focussed on the interaction of clouds and atmospheric radiation (sunlight and thermal radiation), which tend to be represented crudely in climate models. There are three main short-comings when modelling this interaction:

  • clouds tend to be horizontally homogeneous;
  • clouds tend to be maximally overlapped;
  • radiation is only permitted to travel through the top and bottom of a cloud and never through the sides.
I have developed three separate parameterisations to better represent these interactions within climate models.

I have also worked to develop a method of obtaining ground-based retrievals of cloud optical depth from Aeronet radiometers.

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