Department of Meteorology, University of Reading


On this page, you can find out more about my current and previous research projects and interests. You can also download my curriculum vitae.

Current projects

I am a Senior Research Fellow with the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading, where I currently divide my time between three not-entirely-unrelated projects:

  • Analyzing and improving the simulation of tropical climate variability, particularly the Madden-Julian oscillation (MJO), in the Met Office Unified Model (MetUM). In this project, I work closely with the U.K. Met Office's climate modelling teams. I sit on the Met Office Monsoon and MJO Working Groups, which meet to understand and improve the representations of these phenomena in the Hadley Centre model. I am currently chair of the MJO Working Group.

  • Leading the analysis of the Vertical Structure and Diabatic Processes of the MJO model inter-comparison project. This major international effort, endorsed by the Global Atmosphere Systems Studies panel and the Years of Tropical Convection (YoTC) project, aims to understand the links between the fidelty of the MJO in global models and those models' vertical profiles of heating, moistening and momentum associated with tropical convection. I am responsible for the medium-range (20-day) hindcast portion of the project, which connects the other two components: two-day hindcasts and 20-year climate simulations.

  • As the PI on the NCAS "Future Weather" project, which aims to understand the role of well-resolved air-sea coupling on extreme weather and climate. The project, which began in October 2012, has developed a nearly globally coupled version of the MetUM-OML atmosphere--mixed-layer-ocean model. We are performing a range of simulations with this model, at several horizontal resolutions, to understand how including air-sea feedbacks influences the representation of weather and climate extremes (e.g., extreme precipition, heatwaves, blocking). Ultimately, MetUM-OML will be used for time-slice experiments to examine how coupling affects projected changes in these extremes with climate change.

Previous projects
  • Understanding and predicting climate variability and change in Queensland, Australia. This was a collaboration with the Queensland Government, specifically the Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence. At Reading, the project was under the auspices of the Walker Institute for Climate System Research. You can find out more about this project on the Walker Institute's website, where there are several fact-sheets available to download. The project has produced five technical reports and a peer-reviewed publication, all of which are available from my publications page.

  • Much of my previous work has focused on the importance of air-sea coupling on tropical sub-seasonal variability, including the Madden-Julian Oscillation. To accomplish, I assembled the HadKPP model, a combination of the Met Office Hadley Centre atmospheric model and the K Profile Parameterization boundary-layer ocean model.

  • My Ph.D. thesis was on "The sub-seasonal variability of the Indian summer monsoon: Air-sea interactions and the potential for predictability". You can download it here (60 MB).