Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

Queensland rainfall: Past, present and future

As part of my collaboartion with the Queensland Government, through the Walker Institute, I prepared a series of technical reports. You can download them below, or directly from the Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence website.

There is also a summary brochure, aimed at the general public, that briefly describes the key results of our research.

  • Part 1: Rainfall variability and change: A literature survey of key rainfall drivers in Queensland, Australia
  • Part 2: Is the inter-annual variability in Queensland rainfall due to variability in rainfall frequency, intensity or both?
  • Part 3: Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnection analysis of inter-annual variability in Queensland rainfall: Understanding the influence of atmospheric drivers
  • Part 4: The ability of HiGEM to simulate Queensland's rainfall variability and its drivers
  • Part 5: Projected changes in Queensland rainfall under double-CO2 conditions in the HiGEM model