Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

Public statements

The extreme weather in Queensland in the summer of 2010-11 prompted me to create several websites to explain what happened and the likely causes. First, central Queensland and Brisbane were flooded on a scale not seen since 1973-74. These floods followed from the wettest December and the wettest spring (September-November) on record in Queensland; it was also the wettest spring on record across the whole of Australia.

Then in early February, Severe Cyclone Yasi struck: the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in Australia in at least 100 years. Queensland escaped significant devastation and loss of life when the cyclone passed in between two major population centres in the north of the state, Cairns and Townsville. These pages explain the causes of these events, including the link to La Nina, cool ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific.


As you will see from the widget at the right, I occasionally use Twitter to communicate the results of my research and my opinions on various climate (and occasionally non-climate) issues. Please respect that all opinions are my own; I do not necessarily speak for the consensus of the climate-science community.

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