Case analysis of Gudrun

Plot of system relative winds at 850mb, with contours of wet-bulb potential temperature at the same level, both at 4Z on 8 January 2005. Regions of strong winds labelled: sting jet (SJ), two components of the cold conveyor-belt (CCB1 and CCB2) and the warm conveyor-belt (WCB).

Trajectories were calculated from the sting jet region at 4Z on 8 January, back to 16Z on 7 January. The following figures show the positions of the trajectories at given times relative to the cloud head (shown by contours of relative humidity).

Position of trajectories at 4Z

Position of trajectories at 0Z

Position of trajectories at 21Z

Position of trajectories at 18Z

Time series of variables along trajectories. Lines showing mean (blue), mean plus and minus one standard deviation (red) and trajectory of maximum descent (green).

Sequence of system-relative winds at 850mb between 0Z and 9Z on 8 January 2005, with contours of relative humidity at 650mb. The red boxes show the (approximate) location of the sting jet.

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