How to ... in Lyx (in examples)

Assembled by Ross Bannister, University of Reading

Equation labelling

Sub-equation labelling a, b, c, ...

latex command (ctrl-L) \begin{subequations} insert label eq:overall-eq-name
latex command (ctrl-L) \end{subequations}

Bibliography (bibtex)

Modifying counters

Page number

To increment the page counter:
(note: the increment can be negative).


Go to the end of the document where the appendices are to appear. Choose Document → Start appendix here. Sections, etc. can be created and references as usual.

Mini-buffer commands

To enter path and filename into document automatically

Open mini-buffer (Alt-X)
info-insert buffer path
info-insert buffer name

To change all lyx notes to greyed-out

Open mini-buffer (Alt-X)
inset-forall Note inset-modify note Note Greyedout