Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

Reinhard Schiemann

Research interests

My research aims at assessing, understanding and improving the representation of hydrological quantities, notably precipitation, in both observation-based data and climate model simulations. I have been contributing to these areas of research:

  • Hydroclimatology
  • Climate model evaluation
  • High resolution global climate modelling
  • Spatial statistics / gridded precipitation datasets

Collaborations and projects

I am a research scientist in the High Resolution Climate Modelling group, a JWCRP team of NCAS Climate and Met Office researchers. In our current project UPSCALE, we are using the development version of the Unified Model (HadGEM3) for global atmospheric simulations of present and future climate at 25km horizontal resolution.

I have worked in the Climate Analysis team of MeteoSwiss on precipitation gridding and synoptic hydroclimatology in the projects CombiPrecip and COST 733.

I completed my PhD on the hydroclimate of Central Asia in the Climate and Water Cycle group led by Professor Christoph Schär at ETH Zurich.