Michaela I. Hegglin


Dr. Sc. ETH (2004)

Welcome to my homepage!

I am an Associate Professor in Atmospheric Chemistry at the Meteorology Department of the University of Reading. My official University of Reading webpage you can find using the link here.

My research combines ground-based, balloon, aircraft and satellite observations of atmospheric composition and three-dimensional Earth-System Models to develop a deeper understanding of atmospheric transport, chemistry-climate coupling, and atmosphere-biosphere interactions. The main focus of my research has been the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere (UTLS), a region of particular importance in the climate system yet which is difficult to access by current measurement systems. More recently, I have started working on research questions around air pollution transport and air quality, and impacts on human and ecosystem health.

Contact info:

Lyle Building 302A

Department of Meteorology

University of Reading


Reading RG6 6BX


phone    +44 118 378 6693

email      m.i.hegglin ’at’ reading.ac.uk