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Neale, R. B. and Hoskins B. J. (2000a)
A standard test for AGCMs and their physical parameterizations. I: The proposal
Atmos. Sci. Letters, 1, pp. 101-107
To assist model intercomparison and development of a set of eight numerical experiments is proposed as a test-bed for the interaction of dynamics and physical parameterizations in atmospheric GCMs. The framework for the experiments is that of an aqua-planet and the prescribed sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) are highly idealized.

Neale, R. B. and Hoskins, B. J. (2000b)
A standard test for AGCMs and their physical parameterizations. II: Results for The Met. Office Model
Atmos. Sci. Letters, 1, pp. 108-114
Example results are shown for the proposed aqua-planet experiments using a version of The Met Office Unified Model (UM). The zonal mean circulation exhibits strong sensitivity to the latitudinal distribution of sea-surface temperatures (SST). Longitudinal variation of SST yields information on the linearity and distribution of the convective response.
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