Sea Surface Temperature -Climate Change Initiative

I currently work as part of the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) project funded by the European Space Agency under their Climate Change Initiative Programme. My main role focuses on incorporating information derived from microwave sensors such as AMSR2 into the SST retrieval scheme. This was developed in Phase 1 of the project based on data from infrared sensors.

Storm Risk Mitigation

The Storm Risk Mitigation programme comprised 3 main projects: Tempest focusing on how climate change will affect extratropical cyclones, Diamet that aims to improve the forecasting of the structure of cyclonic storms and Demon that addresses the impacts of storm rainfall and detailed predictions of urban flooding. I worked to integrate different aspects of these projects by studying the structure of storms in climate resolution models and the ability of those models to produce rainfall predictions that are useful for flood prediction.


I previously worked as part of the Cascade project studying the formation and development of tropical convection. In particular, I was studying a West Africa test case and using predictions of the outgoing longwave radiation from numerical models to follow the predicted diurnal cycle in the growth and dissipation of thunderstorms. The results from different model resolutions and configuration were compared to that derived from the GERB instrument on Meteosat-8.
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