HRAA Group Associates

University of Reading Associates

Ross Bannister

Lead scientist, variational data assimilation

+44 (0)118 3787843
Peter-Jan van Leeuwen

Professor of Data Assimilation

+44 (0)118 3785578
Nancy Nichols

Professor of Applied Mathematics

+44 (0)118 3788988
Alison Fowler

Postdoctoral researcher

+44 (0)118 3788951
Sanita Vetra-Carvalho

Postdoctoral researcher (ex PhD research student)

Met Office Associates

Stefano Migliorini

Lead scientist, ensemble-based data assimilation

Sue Ballard

Scientific manager of advanced nowcasting research

+44 (0)118 3786310
Jean-Francois Caron

Lead scientist on convective scale error covariances and ensemble methods
Now at Environment Canada

Cristina Charlton-Perez

Lead scientist on PF model development and ceilometer assimilation

+44 (0)118 3788792
Graeme Kelly

Expert and lead scientist on AMV generation and assimilation

+44 (0)118 3787839
Zhihong Li

Lead scientist on 4D-variational assimilation

+44 (0)118 3788795
Dingmin Li

Lead scientist on surface observation assimilation and variational bias correction

+44 (0)118 3786011
David Simonin

Lead scientist on Doppler radar radial winds assimilation

+44 (0)118 3787982
Robert Tubbs

Lead scientist on assimilation of cloudy SEVIRI radiances

+44 (0)118 3785549
Lee Hawkness-Smith

Lead scientist on direct reflectivity assimilation

+44 (0)118 3785548
Helen Buttery

Lead scientist on indirect reflectivity, precipitation and 3D-variational assimilation

+44 (0)118 3786626

Past Associates

Mark Dixon

Co-founder of HRAA
Now at Risk Management Solutions

Ali Rudd

Now at Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Laura Baker

+44 (0)118 3788499
Roger Brugge

Computational scientist

+44 (0)118 3785577
Ruth Petrie

Now at CEDAR

Alan O'Neill

Past NCEO director
Now retired from Reading University

Cristina Prates

Now at ECMWF

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