Moisture assimilation

Moisture is a fundamental, yet difficult field to assimilate. This page contains working documents associated with work done within the FRANC project.
Ross Bannister, David Livings, Oscar Martínez-Alvarado, Marek Wlasak & Stefano Migliorini.


Minutes from FRANC meetings 2015
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Review notes on Ingleby et al, 2013 (latest Met Office moisture variable) R. Bannister 24/01/14 Vn. 1
Review notes on Holm et al, 2002 (symmetrizing and Gausianizing techniques) R. Bannister 24/01/14 Vn. 1
Rough strategy document for FRANC project - moisture control variable options R. Bannister 24/01/14 Vn. 1
Preliminary plots to be compared against Fig. 5 in Ingleby et al. (2013) 0900 UTC 1 December 2013
0300 UTC 21 December 2013
O. Martínez-Alvarado 04/02/14 Vn. 2
Regression terms in VSDP 11 R. Bannister 10/02/14 Vn. 1
Holm-like diagnostics for UKV data R. Bannister 12/05/16 Vn. 1
ISDA poster, 2016 R. Bannister 15/07/16 Vn. 1

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