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University of Reading
Department of Meteorology
PO box 243, Room 1U10
Reading, RG6 6BB, UK.
Email: d.g.ferreira at reading.ac.uk
Ph: +44 (0) 118 378 7997
Snap-shots of (top) 500 mb temperature and (bottom) SST and sea-ice in an Aquaplanet simulation.
A few movies:
  1.  a nice movie showing the synoptic scale activity in the atmosphere of an Aquaplanet and its impact on the air-sea heat flux and mixed layer depth,
  2.  a similar movie for an Aquaplanet  with an obliquity of 90 degree (compare to the present-day value of 23.45 degree in the movie above).
  3.  this one shows a Ridge World driven through its 3 stable equilibria by a linearly decreasing solar constant: the ice edge “sticks” around the equilibrium positions for decades and abruptly transition between positions. More details here.