The Greenland Flow Distortion Experiment (GFDex)

Location: Keflavik, Iceland (64N,22W)
Dates: 19th February - 12th March 2007
Aircraft: FAAM BAE-146, specially adapted to perform atmospheric science research
Project Website: Greenland Flow Distortion Experiment , hosted by UEA. Read the weblog to find out what we got up to in Iceland - also includes some pretty pictures of Iceland and Greenland!


Location: Andenes, Norway (69N,16E)
Dates: 25th February - 16th March 2008
Aircraft: DLR (German Aerospace Centre) Falcon, equipped with LIDAR and able to release dropsondes.
Project Website: IPY-THORPEX-Norway . Warning for native English speakers- this is mostly in Norwegian as this is a Norwegian-run project, but there are a few pages in English.

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I did some more targeted observing experiments in Spring 2008 as part of the IPY-THORPEX-Norway project. We were based in Andoya , a small island off the coast of northen Norway, 300km inside the Arctic circle. I wrote a weblog while I was there, which you can view below by clicking on the date to view the blog for that day.
I also took hundreds of photos, the best of which are in two albums here:

My photos part 1 mainly of the beautiful scenery. 26th Feb. - 11th Mar.

24th Feb - day before departure
25th Feb - travel to Andenes
26th Feb - settling in to Andenes
27th Feb - first flight!
28th Feb - visiting the Falcon
29th Feb - touring Andoya
1st Mar - Mountains and polar lows
2nd Mar - Polar low forms on our doorstep!
3rd Mar - Hunting polar lows
4th Mar - A bad day to visit Trondheim
5th Mar - Day of rest (sort of)
6th Mar - Strong winds off Finnmark coast
7th Mar - Trip to ALOMAR
8th Mar - Changes Afoot
9th Mar - Lighthouses and Polar Lights
10th Mar - Moorings and Melting snow
11th Mar - Transit to Iceland through sensitive regions
12th Mar - Flight cancellations
13th Mar - Planning the final assault(s)!
14th Mar - Whale Songs
15th Mar - Praying for polar lows
16th Mar - The End.

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