Other Activities

Responsibilities and Professional Memberships


  • Meteorology Department seminar programme committee (Dec 2015 - Dec 2016)

  • Organiser: 'Complexity and Risk in the Energy Sector', Institute of Physics Nonlinear and Complex Physics Group event (Imperial, October 2016)

  • Invited talk: 'Understanding weather- and climate-driven risks in the energy sector', BP Technology Fair (London, Oct 2016)

  • NCAS Climate Science Highlight: 'Connecting global mean temperature to local climate'

  • Contributed talk: 'An empirical model for probabilistic decadal prediction: A global analysis', EGU (Vienna, Austria, Apr 2016)

  • Contributed talk: 'An empirical model for seasonal-to-decadal climate prediction', Statistics of weather and climate workshop (Reading, Mar 2016)


  • Examiner for the University of London International Academy Programme (Statistics, 2012 - 2015)

  • Invited talk: 'A semi-operational empirical model for decadal prediction', NCAS conference (York, Jul 2015)

  • Contributed talk: 'Calibration and assessment of medium-range weather forecasts for renewable energy trading across Europe', ICEM 2015 conference (Boulder, Jun 2015)

  • Invited seminar: 'Understanding climate predictability and uncertainty at seasonal-to-decadal time scales', Meteorology for the Energy Sector workshop, ICEM 2015 conference (Boulder, Jun 2015)

  • Contributed talk: 'Examining the potential to make decadal predictions using empirical models', SPECS/MIKLIP meeting (Frankfurt, Feb 2015)


Previous activities

  • Contributed talk: 'An evaluation of decadal probability forecasts from state-of-the-art climate models', AGU (San Francisco, USA, Dec 2013)

  • Volunteer: 'Climate Change and Cocktails' event (Dana Centre, Science Museum, Nov 2013)

  • Invited talk: 'Pseudo-orbit gradient descent data assimilation: A Lagrangian data example', SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences (Padova, Italy, Jun 2013)

  • Invited talk: 'Critical aspects in nonlinear process modelling', Inference for Dynamical Systems workshop (Kalamata, Greece, Aug 2012)

  • Invited seminar: 'Mathematical and statistical approaches to the design of climate prediction systems', Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Porton Down, May 2012)

  • Solicited talk: 'Do quantitative decadal predictions from GCMs provide decision-relevant skill?', EGU (Vienna, Austria, Apr 2012)

  • Contributed talk: 'Gradient descent assimilation for the point-vortex model', EGU (Vienna, Austria, Apr 2012)

  • Contributed poster: 'Skill scores for probabilistic weather and climate prediction', EGU (Vienna, Austria, Apr 2012)

  • Invited seminar: 'An empirical benchmark for decadal predictions from GCMs', Climate Variability and Change seminar (Reading, Mar 2012)

  • Volunteer: ESRC Festival of Social Science exhibit 'Confidence from Uncertainty: Interpreting Climate Predictions' (LSE, Oct 2011)

  • Invited talk: 'Gradient descent data assimilation for partially-observed Lagrangian data', International Conference on Data Assimilation (Bangalore, India, Jul 2011)

  • Project leader and tutor: 'Tata Institute for Fundamental Research Monsoon Workshop on Data Assimilation'. Topics included time series analysis, forecast evaluation and gradient descent data assimilation (Bangalore, India, Jul 2011)

  • Interactive games developer and event volunteer: The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition event 'Confidence from Uncertainty: Interpreting Climate Predictions' (Royal Society, Jul 2011)

  • Public lecture: 'Under the bonnet of your iPhone', Cheltenham Science Festival (Jun 2011)

  • Featured article: 'The effect of the Skyrme tensor force on the predicted stability of superheavy nuclei', EPL Best of 2010 publication (May 2011)

  • Awarded PhD: 'Nuclear structure and dynamics from the fully unrestricted Skyrme-Hartree-Fock model', University of Surrey (Apr 2011)

  • Public lecture: 'Micro World to Real World', Cheltenham Science Festival (Jun 2010)

  • Public lecture: 'The Future Starts Here: From Splitting the Atom to Rollable TVs', British Science Festival (Guildford, Jun 2010)

  • Seminar organiser: Nuclear Physics Group postgraduate seminar programme, University of Surrey (2010)

  • Student representative: Staff-Student Liaison Committee, Department of Physics, Universtity of Surrey (2008)

  • STEMNET Ambassador: Demonstrated and spoke at events for school children in Surrey (2006 - 2010)

  • Department Representative: Volunteer for the Physics Department on UCAS open days, University of Surrey (2006 - 2010)

  • Teaching: Demonstrating in the laboratory, including computational modelling and nuclear physics and leading tutorials, including special relativity, high energy physics, maths and quantum mechanics, Department of Physics, University of Surrey (2006 - 2010)

  • Prize: 'Best experimental work at MSc level', University of Surrey, Thermo Fisher (Aug 2006)

  • Awarded MSc (Distinction): Radiation and Environmental Protection, University of Surrey (Aug 2006)

  • Prize: 'Best article in the Surrey Undergraduate Research Journal', University of Surrey (Nov 2005)

  • Awarded BSc (Upper Second): Physics, University of Surrey (Aug 2005)

  • Professional training: Student Scientist within the Climate Change Team, Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, The Met Office, University of Surrey (Jul 2003 - Aug 2004)

Contact me

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  • Telephone:
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    University of Reading
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