Dynamical Processes

Our group is part of the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading and is headed by Professor Sir Brian Hoskins. Please find more about us following the links on the left.

Research aims

The aim of the group is to enhance the understanding of the dynamics and nature of phenomena that occur in the atmosphere on meso to global scales and that are important in weather and climate. This aim is pursued using a combination of theory, diagnostics of observations and the design, execution and diagnosis of experiments using a range of numerical models.

Phenomena of current interest in middle latitudes include storm-tracks, blocking, cyclones and teleconnections. In lower latitudes, the subtropical anticyclones-monsoon system, the water vapour distribution and the organisation of tropical heating are all being investigated. Rossby wave propagation, potential vorticity and a Lagrangian perspective all continue to play a role in the diagnostic work of the group.

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