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Application for Membership

To apply for membership of C.O.L. please complete and return this form, together with your subscription.

Name: _________________________________________________






Telephone no:_____________________________________________________


I apply to join C.O.L. and enclose a cheque for _____________ payable to 'Climatological Observers Link'.

I wish to receive (i) printed bulletins, (ii) pdf file bulletins, or (iii) both printed and pdf bulletins. Please refer to the subscription rates to find the charges for each.

[Please delete the next paragraph if you do not wish your personal details to be stored on the C.O.L. computer.]

I agree to my station details (including my name, address, telephone no.) being stored on computer for the purpose of producing the C.O.L. Directory (a list of all members, equipment and interests).

I may, at a later date, reverse the previous decision by writing to the Admin Secretary. I understand that copies of the Directory may be purchased from the Directory Secretary (see a current Bulletin for the price). Information in the Directory may be disclosed to:

  • C.O.L. members, including those who purchase the Bulletin.
  • non-C.O.L. members interested in obtaining met-data or met-information from selected individual members.
  • non-C.O.L. members for other meteorologically-related purposes deemed useful to members.

    Signed: _____________________________

    Date: _______________________________

    Members who wish to submit data to the Bulletin are kindly asked to complete the `Station Details' form and to give an indication of their station grading - this information will be included in the Directory which is currently available on CDrom.

    This form should be returned to John Goulding, 2 Bridge Court, Normanby, Middlesbrough TS6 0LJ

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