Boundary-Layer Group (BL Group)

Omduth Coceal

Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Weather)

Tel: 0118 378 5758

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Alma mater

Erdos number: 5

PhD studentship opportunity

Network analysis for fast dispersion modelling in urban areas. October 2015 entry

Supervisors: Omduth Coceal, Stephen Belcher and Danica Greetham

For details see here

Research Interests

  • Turbulence
  • Dispersion
  • Direct Numerical Simulations
  • Boundary Layer Dynamics
  • Urban Meteorology
  • Coherent Structures

Recent Publications

Recent publications are listed on my official departmental page and a more complete list on my google scholar page.

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BLMet research

  • Urban meteorology
  • Air-sea interactions
  • Orographic processes
  • Mesoscale processes