The Workshop on Atmospheric Blocking was held at the University of Reading, 6-8 April 2016.
Here you can download many of the talks and posters as well as the group photo.
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Group photo
Photo credit: Dann Mitchell (get the high res image here)

Download the programme and abstracts

Talks by session
Day 1, session 1: Hoskins, Brunner, Methven, Huang, Martineau
Day 1, session 2: Croci-Maspoli, Pfahl, Grams, Luo, Schubert
Day 1, session 3: Franzke, Breeden, Henderson, Barnes
Day 2, session 1: Trigo, Ummenhofer, Renwick, Lupo, Hanna
Day 2, session 2: Dunn-Sigouin, Kwon, Yao, Rodrigues, Lenggenhager
Day 2, session 3: Colucci, Barriopedro, Domeisen, Mitchell
Day 3, session 1: Rodwell, Williams, Schiemann, Hartung, Woollings
Day 3, session 2: Davini, Parker, Quandt, Athanasiadis, O'Reilly
Day 3, session 3: Timazhev, Burrows, Ayarzaguena

Booth, Camacho, Dell'Aquila, Faranda, Harvey, Rimbu, Semenova, Song, Yamazaki