Dr Nicholas Klingaman

Senior Research Fellow (NCAS Climate)

Web Pages:

Group: http://ncas-climate.nerc.ac.uk

My research: http://www.met.rdg.ac.uk/~ss901165

Research Interests:

  • Organised tropical convection, with a focus on the Madden-Julian oscillation
  • Air-sea interactions and their role in sub-seasonal predictability
  • Regional climate variability and change, particularly in Australia
  • Improving the ability of weather and climate models to simulate the above

Research Projects:

  • Vertical structure and diabatic processes of the Madden-Julian oscillation: An international model-evaluation project on the ability of weather and climate models to simulate key diabatic heating and moistening processes associated with organised tropical convection.
  • Future Weather: Examining how air-sea coupling affects projections of changes in regional weather and climate extremes.
  • NCAS Core-funded activities: Improving the ability of the U.K. Met Office model to simulate organised tropical convection, such as the MJO and monsoon sub-seasonal variability.

Postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

  • Linda Hirons working on the Future Weather project (see above).

Other interests

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Recent Publications:

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Hirons, L.C., Klingaman, N.P. and Woolnough, S.J. (2015) MetUM-GOML: a near-globally coupled atmosphere–ocean-mixed-layer model. Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, 8. pp. 363-379. ISSN 1991-962X doi: 10.5194/gmd-8-363-2015


Burgess, M. and Klingaman, N. P. (2014) Atmospheric circulation patterns associated with extreme cold winters in the UK. Weather. ISSN 1477-8696 (In Press)

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Klingaman, N., Woolnough, S. and Syktus, J. (2013) On the drivers of inter-annual and decadal rainfall variability in Queensland, Australia. International Journal of Climatology, 33 (10). pp. 2413-2430. ISSN 0899-8418 doi: 10.1002/joc.3593


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Klingaman, N. P., Weller, H., Woolnough, S. J., Inness, P. M. and Slingo, J. M. (2009) Coupled simulations of the Indian monsoon intraseasonal oscillation using a fine-resolution mixed-layer ocean model. Proceedings of the ECMWF Workshop on Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction. pp. 195-205.


Klingaman, N. P., Inness, P.M., Weller, H. and Slingo, J.M. (2008) The Importance of High-Frequency Sea Surface Temperature Variability to the Intraseasonal Oscillation of Indian Monsoon Rainfall. Journal of Climate, 21 (23). pp. 6119-6140. ISSN 1520-0442 doi: DOI: 10.1175/2008JCLI2329.1

Klingaman, N. P., Weller, H., Slingo, J.M. and Inness, P.M. (2008) The intraseasonal variability of the Indian summer monsoon using TMI sea surface temperatures and ECMWF reanalysis. Journal of Climate, 21 (11). pp. 2519-2539. ISSN 1520-0442 doi: DOI: 10.1175/2007JCLI1850.1

Klingaman, N. P., Hanson, B. and Leathers, D.J. (2008) A teleconnection between forced Great Plains snow cover and European winter climate. Journal of Climate, 21 (11). pp. 2466-2483. ISSN 1520-0442 doi: DOI: 10.1175/2007JCLI1672.1

Klingaman, N. P., Butke, J., Leathers, D.J., Brinson, K.R. and Nickl, E. (2008) Mesoscale Simulations of the land surface effects of historical logging in a moist continental climate regime. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 47 (8). pp. 2166-2182. ISSN 1558-8432 doi: 10.1175/2008JAMC1765.1


Klingaman, N. P., Levia, D. F. and Frost, E. E. (2007) A comparison of three canopy interception models for a leafless mixed deciduous forest stand in the eastern United States. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 8 (4). pp. 825-836. ISSN 1525-7541 doi: 10.1175/JHM564.1

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