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Name Room No Phone No E-Mail Position / Group
Professor Richard Allan 2U15 5568 Professor in Climate Science
Dr Maarten Ambaum 1L38 6609 Associate Professor in Theoretical Meteorology
Dr Javier Amezcua 3L49 6311 Postdoctoral Research Assistant (DARC)
Rachel Ancliffe 116 (Harry Pitt) 8025 Business Administrator, Statistical Services Centre
Alison Arkell 181 (Harry Pitt) 6820 Senior Administrator of the Institute of Environmental Analytics
Professor Nigel Arnell 3L69 8831 Professor of Climate Change Science
Dr Laura Baker 3L47 (Met) 6014 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dr Beena Balan Sarojini 3L62 6238 Postdoctoral Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
Ms Sue Ballard 2L75 6310 Manager Data Assimilation at Reading - MetOffice@Reading
Dr Ross Bannister 1U11 7843 Senior Research Scientist (NCEO)
Mr Carlos Barahona-Zamora (SSC) 8025 Deputy Director/Principal Statistician, Statistical Services Centre
Professor Janet Barlow 3L38 6022 Professor of Environmental Physics
Dr Luke Barnard 1U06 (Met) 6979 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Andrew Barrett 506 (Lyle) 7381 Post Doctoral Research Assistant (PRESTO)
Mrs Louise Barrow 2L52 8968 Executive Assistant to Head of School
Professor Stephen Belcher 3L43 6646 Professor in Meteorology
Mr Ray Bell 3L62 6238 Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate
Dr Nicolas Bellouin 304 Lyle 7639 Lecturer in Climate Processes
Dr Paul Berrisford 3L68 7218 Senior Research Scientist
Ioannis Bistinas 2U04 6186 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Emily Black 507a (Lyle) 6608 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Mike Blackburn 2L37 8327 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
Mr Neil Blanchonnet 3L42 6020 Senior IT Business Partner
Dr Jon Blower 406 Lyle 5213 Technical Director, Reading e-Science Centre / IEA
Dr Sylvia Bohnenstengel 2L72 7988 Senior Scientist - MetOffice@Reading
Dr Bertrand Bonan 1U25 8951 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Mary Jane Bopape 2U25 6721 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mrs Kathie Bowden 406 Lyle 7763 UK National Space Skills and Career Development Manager
Mrs Silvia Bragaglia-Pike 1L27 (Agriculture) 5579 GHRSST Administrator
Mrs Nicola Bray 3L73 8315 Administrator (NCAS-Climate)
Dr David Brayshaw 2U23 5585 Lecturer in Meteorology
Mr Mark Breede 1L42 6393 Administrator
Mr Dan Bretherton 180 (Harry Pitt) 5205 Research HPC Manager
Dr Jochen Broecker 219 (JJ Thompson) 3L52 (Met) 8578 Lecturer
Dr Philip Browne 3L49 6296 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Roger Brugge 1U19 5577 Senior Computational Scientist (NCEO)
Dr Sheila Bryant 3L45 6395 Applications and User Support
Dr Claire Bulgin 284B (Harry Pitt) Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Stephen Burt 2L39 7987 Science Writer
Dr. Stephanie Bush 2L47 7841 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dr Dirk Cannon 3L60 6016 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dr Laura Carrea 284 (Harry Pitt) 7717 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Sean Cavany 505 (Lyle) 6159 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Paulo Ceppi 3L60 6016 Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Adrian Champion 291 (Harry Pitt) 5212 Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Prof Simon Chandler-Wilde 2L53 6017 Head of School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Dr Andrew Charlton-Perez 305 (Lyle) 6023 Associate Professor of Meteorology
Dr Cristina Charlton-Perez 2L71 8792 Senior Scientist - Advanced Nowcasting Research, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Christine Chiu 504 Lyle 5574 Associate Professor of Atmospheric Physics
Prof Peter Clark 2U13 7908 Joint MetOffice Chair in Weather Processes
Dr Debbie Clifford 406 Lyle 7060 IEA
Dr Hannah Cloke 217 (Russell) 6974 Professor in Hydrology
Miss Alison Cobb 3L62 6238 KTP Associate / Willis Research Fellow (Tropical Cyclones)
Dr Omduth Coceal 2U24 5758 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Weather)
Mr Ric Coe (SSC) 6268 Principal Statistician & Research Methods Specialist, Statistical Services Centre
Dr Jeffrey Cole 2L45 7840 Senior Scientific Programmer (NCAS-CMS)
Prof William Collins 303A (Lyle) 7976
Dr Peter Cook 3L68 7218 Research Scientist (NCAS)
Dr Rosalind Cornforth 1L33 (Agriculture) 7392 Professor of Climate and Development, Director of the Walker Institute
Professor Ben Cosh 5208 Dean of the Faculty of Science
Dr Ben Crawford 2U07 5419
Dr Helen Dacre 2U12 5569 Lecturer in Dynamical Meteorology
Dr Chimene Daleu 1U06 6979 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Sarah Dance 1U04 6452 Associate Professor of Data Assimilation
Dr Ian Davenport 283 (Harry Pitt) 7762 Senior Research Fellow
Dr Terry Davies 2L50 5617 Expert Scientist, MetOffice@Reading
Dr William Davies 302B (Lyle) 8344 Postdoctoral Research Assistant SAMBBA
Dr Jonathan Day 3L71 6018 AXA Research Fellow
Mrs Julia De Faveri 3L73 8315 Administrative Assistant (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Marie Estelle Demory 3L62 6238 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Marine Desmons 285 (ESSC) 5126 PDRA FIDUCEO
Dr Buwen Dong 1L32 (Agriculture) 4652 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Daniel Drew 3L46 6010 Research Assistant (ACTUAL)
Mr Sam Dumble (SSC) 4677 Statistician, Statistical Services Centre
Mrs Chloe Eagle 2L72 6524
Owen Embury 284 (Harry Pitt) 7717 Post Doctoral Research Assistant (NCEO)
Professor Daniel Feltham 2L42 5094 Head of Department (Academic), Professor of Climate Process Physics
Xiangbo Feng 290 (Harry Pitt) 5218 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr David Ferreira 1U10 7997 Lecturer (Climate Processes)
Dr Mark Fielding 506 Lyle 7381 PDRA
Mrs Jan Fillingham 1U13 6728 Training and Communications Manager NCEO
Dr Daniela Flocco 2L41 6639 Senior Research Fellow
Dr Alison Fowler 1U25 8951 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dr Thomas Frame 2U26 6517 Lecturer
Dr Andrew Gabey 2U07 5419 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Catherine Gaffard 1U20 7831 Senior Scientist, Ods R&D Surface Team MetOffice@Reading
Mr James Gallagher (SSC) 6730 Director, Statistical Services Centre
Dr Javier Garcia Pintado 284A (Harry Pitt) 7722 Postdoctoral Research Assistant (NCEO)
Ms Cathy Garlick (SSC) 6408 Senior Computing Consultant, Statistical Services Centre
Mrs Marguerite Gascoine 2U01 6012 School Manager, School of Mathematics, Meteorology & Physics
Dr John Gathenya 1L29 (Agriculture) Researcher
Pierre Gauthier 3L40
Dr Steven George 3L71 6018 Research Scientist
Mr Stephen Gill 3L35 5589 Building and Facilities Manager
Dr Laila Gohar 2U02 5619 Climate Scientist, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Alan Grant 2L76 6010 Senior Research Scientist
Professor Lesley Gray 3L52 7991 NCAS-Climate Senior Scientist
Professor Suzanne Gray 1U05 6791 Professor of Meteorology
Professor Jonathan Gregory 3L72 5602 Professor (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Guy Griffiths 289 (Harry Pitt) 5217 Senior Software Engineer
Professor Sue Grimmond 2L77 6248 Professor of Urban Meteorology
Professor Eric Guilyardi 3L52 7991 Professor (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Liang Guo 302D (Lyle) 8647 Aerosol Climate Scientist
Professor Robert Gurney OBE 183 (Harry Pitt) 8741 Emeritus Professor of Meteorology
Rhiannon Gwyn 3L40
Professor Keith Haines 177 (Harry Pitt) 8742 Head of Department for Research, BMT Professor of Marine Informatics
Dr Christoforos Halios 3L46 6721 Post Doctoral Research Assistant ACTUAL
Dr Carol Halliwell 2L60 7994 Senior Scientist, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Kirsty Hanley 2L74 7859 Senior Scientist, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Bethan Harris 2U06 Energetics of Tropical Cyclone Intensification
Professor Giles Harrison 2U11 6690 Head of Department (External Affairs) Professor of Atmospheric Physics
Dr Neil Hart 1U25 8951 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Ben Harvey 201 (Lyle) 4276 Research Scientist
Dr Natalie Harvey 302D (Lyle) 8647 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Mylene Haslehner 3L60 6012 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr David Hassell 2L49 5613 Senior Computational Scientist (NCAS-Climate/CMS)
Miss Rosalyn Hatcher 1U08 5429 Senior Computational Scientist (NCAS-CMS)
Dr Ed Hawkins 3L52 7991 Principal Research Fellow (NCAS-Climate)
Dr. Lee Hawkness-Smith 2L71 7992 Radar Scientist, Data Assimilation at Reading, MetOffice@Reading
Jill Hazleton 204 (Lyle) 6211 Doctoral Training Centre Administrator
Mr Andrew Heaps 2L45 7840 Computer Systems Manager (NCAS-CMS)
Dr Michaela Hegglin 302A (Lyle) 6693 Senior Research Fellow
Dr Harold Heorton 2L41 6639
Dr Denise Hertwig 2U25 6721 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Professor Eleanor Highwood 301 (Lyle) 6688 Dean of Diversity & Inclusion, Professor of Climate Physics
Dr Peter Hill 506 Lyle 7381 PDRA
Dr Linda Hirons 1L31 (Agriculture) 8225 Research Scientist NCAS
Antoine Hochet 1U06 6979 Post Doctoral Research Assistant (INSPECT)
Dr Kevin Hodges 185 (Harry Pitt) 7761 Senior Research Fellow
Dr Daniel Hodson 2L46 7901 Postdoctoral Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
Professor Robin Hogan based at ECMWF Professor of Atmospheric Physics
Dr Gerrit Holl 285 (Harry Pitt) 5126 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Christopher Holloway 3L37 8955 Lecturer in Convection
Professor Sir Brian Hoskins 2L44 8953 Emeritus Professor of Meteorology
Mrs Felipa House 1L22 (Agriculture) 4656 Administrator (Walker Institute)
Ms Zala Hussain 1L35 6521 Administrator (Meteorology)
Professor Anthony Illingworth 501 Lyle 6508 Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Physics
Dr Pete Inness 3L64 5583 Teaching Fellow
Dr Emma Irvine 302B (Lyle) 8344 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Revd Prof Ian James Emeritus Professor
Dr Richard Jones 2L50 5611 Science Fellow Regional Climate Information, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Graeme Kelly 1U16 7839 Expert Scientist, Data Assimilation at Reading, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Nicholas Klingaman 1L32 (Agriculture) 4652 Senior Research Fellow (NCAS Climate)
Sifan Koriche 508 (Lyle) 7897 Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Simone Kotthaus 2U07 5419 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Till Kuhlbrodt 1U23 5100 Model Configuration Manager for UKESM-LO
Mr John Lally 1L46 7998 Research Assistant
Dr Mai Mai Lam 2U04 6186 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dr Amos Lawless 102 (Maths) 5018 Lecturer in data assimilation and inverse problems
Professor Bryan Lawrence 3L50 6507 Professor of Weather and Climate Computing, and Director of Models and Data - National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)
Mr Paul Leacock GU04 7945 Porter
Dr Humphrey Lean 2L73 6624 Manager Mesoscale Modelling Research, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Robert Lee 3L68 7218 Postgraduate
Mr Sandro Leidi (SSC) 6663 Senior Statistician, Statistical Services Centre
Ms Jane Lewis 190 (Harry Pitt) 5173 Deputy Technical Director, Reading e-Science Centre
Dr Dingmin Li 1U21 6011 Senior Scientist, Data Assimilation at Reading, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Zhihong Li 2L64 8795 Senior Scientist, Obs R&D Surface Team, MetOffice@Reading
Fredrik Lindberg 2L77 6248 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Grenville Lister 1U02 7995 Head of Computational Modelling Support - National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)
Dr Chun Lei Liu 178 (Harry Pitt) 5204 Research Scientist (NCEO)
Dr David Livings 1U25 8951 Research Assistant
Dr Benjamin Lloyd-Hughes 1L21 (Agriculture) 6592 Deloitte-Walker Fellow
Professor Michael Lockwood 2U19 5572 Professor of Space Environment Physics
Mr Andrew Lomas GL37 7993 Chief Technician
Gerardo Lopez Saldana 508 (Lyle) 7897 Postdoctoral Research Assistant (MELODIES)
Dr Jason Lowe 2L49 5612 Head of Mitigation Advice and Visiting Professor University of Reading, MetOffice@Reading and Visiting Professor
Ms Vicky Lucas 406 Lyle 8813 Training and Development Manager at the Institute of Environmental Analytics
Dr Anna Macey W. Ho; 3L46 (Tue AM) 6170; 7696 (Tue AM) Research & Enterprise Development Manager
Mrs Christine Macfarlane 1L42 8954 Postgraduate Administrator (Meteorology)
Dr Claire MacIntosh 282 (Harry Pitt) 5214 PDRA, ECLIPSE project
Mr Khalid Mahmood 2L65 8425 MetOffice@Reading
Mr Ross Maidment 508 (Lyle) 7897 Postdoctoral Research Assistant (Tamsat)
Dr Oscar Martinez-Alvarado 1U25 8951 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Miss Kathy Maskell 1L25 (Agriculture) 7380 Communications Manager (Walker Institute)
Dr David Mason 290 (Harry Pitt) 5218 Associate Professor
Shannon Mason Lyle 506 7381 Post Doctoral Research Assistant (NCEO)
Mr William McGinty 1L44 8794 Computational Scientist (NCAS-CMS)
Mr Colin McKinnon 406 Lyle 6821 IEA
Mr Andrew McRobert 3L49 Postgraduate
Dr Arathy Menon 3L68 7218 NCAS (INCOMPASS)
Professor Chris Merchant 184 (Harry Pitt) 7335 Professor in Ocean and Earth Observation
Professor John Methven 207 (Lyle) 6015 Professor of Atmospheric Dynamics
Dr Stefano Migliorini 1U11 7843 Senior Research Scientist (NCEO)
Mr David Mills (SSC) 8024 E-Learning and Data Consultant, Statistical Services Centre
Prof John Mitchell 2L67 5616 MetOffice@Reading and Visiting Professor, University of Reading
Dr Jonathan Mittaz 284B Harry Pitt Senior Research Fellow ESA CCI SST
Dr Simone Morak 248A (Harry Pitt) 7722 Postdoctoral Research Scientist HOSTACE
Prof Elizabeth Morris 173 Harry Pitt 5133 Professor of Ice Physics - iStar
Mr William Morrison 2U07 5419 Research Assistant (UCL)
Kelsey Mulder 302B (Lyle) Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Dr David Mulholland 283 (Harry Pitt) 7762 Climate Prediction Research Fellow
Mrs Chantal Murfitt 2L52 8968 Executive Assistant to Head of School
Professor Nancy Nichols 1U26 8988 Professor of Applied Mathematics
Dr John Nicol 506 Lyle 7381 Postdoctoral Research Scientist (NCAS-Weather)
Dr Keri Nicoll 2U14 5588 NERC Independent Research Fellow
Dr Maria Noguer 1L25 (Agriculture) 7380 Development Manager - Walker Institute
Sinead O'Flynn 302C (Lyle) 8677 Lyle Administrator
Professor Alan O'Neill Emeritus Professor of Meteorology
Miss Kim Oakley 182 (Harry Pitt) 7765 PA to Prof. R. Gurney & Harry Pitt Building Administrator
Dr Ewan OConnor 506 Philip Lyle Building 7381 Senior Research Scientist
Dr Pablo Ortega 3L62 6238
Miss Annette Osprey 1U08 5429 Computational Scientist (NCAS-CMS)
Dr Albert Osso PDRA SummerTIME (NERC)
Dr Matt Owens 2U03 5282 Associate Professor in Space Environment Physics
Dr Kevin Pearson 186 (Harry Pitt) 4675 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dr Simon Peatman 201 (Lyle) 4276 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Barbara Percy 289 (Harry Pitt) 5217 Data Products Development Manager
Miss Sandrine Perou 1L29 (Agriculture) 4651 Walker Institute Administrator
Dr Ruth Petrie 2L21 (Agriculture) 6058 Research Scientist
Rhona Phipps 2U04 7356 CHARMe Project Co-ordinator
Mr Henri Pinheiro 287 (Harry Pitt) 5215 Postgraduate
Dr Andrew Pinney (SSC) 8033 Senior Statistician, Statistical Services Centre
Dr Joaquim Pinto 2L40 5064 Associate Professor in Regional Climate and Synoptic Meteorology
Dr Felix Pithan 505 Lyle Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Robert Plant 2U22 5587 Associate Professor in Atmospheric Convection
Dr Inna Polichtchouk 201 (Lyle) 4276 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Irene Polo 3L60 6016 NCAS - NERC VALOR Project
Dr Antonio Portas 2U09 8696 Outreach & Access Facilitator
Dr Hannah Prior 188 (Harry Pitt) 7763 Strategic Programme Manager
Dr Tristan Quaife 507b Lyle 8743 Lecturer in Meteorology
Dr Heather Ratcliffe 1U06 (Met) 6979 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Mr Ian Read GL35 7216 Teaching Development and Research Technician
Dr Simon Read 1U23 5100 Computational Scientist (NCAS-UKESM)
Mr Ross Reynolds 2U05 8956 Associate Professor
Mr Maik Riechert 190 (ESSC) 5173 Software Engineer MELODIES
Mr Charles Roberts 1U08 Met 5429 CMS Software Engineer
Mr Nigel Roberts 2L62 6522 Expert Scientist, Mesoscale Modelling Research, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Gary Robinson 2L39 7987 Data Support Analyst
Dr Jon Robson 2L46 7901 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Gillian Rose 1L23 (Agriculture) 6527 Postdoctoral Research Scientist (NCAS- Climate)
Dr Claire Ryder 302B (Lyle) 8344 NERC Independent Research Fellow
Dr Mel Sandells 282 (Harry Pitt) 5214 Senior Research Fellow
Dr Reinhard Schiemann 2L47 7841 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS Climate)
Dr David Schroeder 2L41 (Met) 6639 Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Christopher Scott (formerly Davis) 2U20 (Met) 6059 Associate Professor in Space & Atmospheric Physics
Dr Len Shaffrey 2L38 5193 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS Climate)
Professor Ted Shepherd 1L39 8957 Grantham Professor of Climate Science
Professor Keith Shine 303B (Lyle) 8405 Regius Professor of Meteorology and Climate Science
Dr Jon Shonk 3L47 6014 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Professor Adrian Simmons Visiting Professor
Dr David Simonin 2L66 7982 Senior Scientist, Data Assimilation at Reading, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Joy Singarayer 507c (Lyle) 6021 Associate Professor of Palaeoclimatology
Mr Karthee Sivalingam 1U08 5429 Computational Scientist (NCAS-CMS)
Professor Julia Slingo Met Office Chief Scientist and Visiting Professor
Mr Liam Smalley JJT 211 7585 Administration Assistant
Dr Robin Smith 1U23 5100 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
Ms Catherine Snell GL35 7216 Teaching and Outreach Support Technician
Dr Thorwald Stein 507A Lyle 6416 Lecturer in Clouds
Professor Graeme Stephens 3L74 Professor of Earth Observation
Dr Roger Stern (SSC) 6421 Professor of Applied Statistics, Statistical Services Centre
Dr Marc Stringer 2L39 7987 Computational scientist
Mr Michael Stroud 1L46 7998 Teaching Laboratory / Meteorology Support Technician
Dr Emma Suckling 3L62 6238 Research Scientist
Professor Rowan Sutton 3L61 8337 Director of Climate Research – National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)
Dr Ann Symonds 182 (Harry Pitt) 7765 Secretary
Dr Remi Tailleux 2U10 8328 Associate Professor of Physical Oceanography
Dr Elena Tarnavsky 508 (Lyle) 7897 Senior Research Fellow
Jean Teall 2L51 7441 PA to Head of School (part-time)
Dr Miguel Teixeira 2U17 5573 Lecturer in Meteorology
Dr Christopher Thomas 290 (Harry Pitt) 5218 Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Rob Thompson 506 Lyle 7381 Postdoctoral Research Scientist and Teaching Fellow
Gillian Thornhill 302B (Lyle) Post Doctoral Research Assistant (SAMBBA)
Dr Om Tripathi 302E (Lyle) 6187 SNAP Project Manager
Mrs Linda Tse 3L36 6456 Research and Finance Administrator
Dr Andrew Turner 3L70 6019 Lecturer in Monsoon Systems (joint with NCAS-Climate)
Mrs Catherine Turner 1L65 7984 Librarian
Mrs Dawn Turner 2U09 6013 Executive Assistant to the Heads of Department and External Affairs Co-ordinator
Debra Turner 1L40 8950 PA to HoDs
Dr Maria Valdivieso da Costa 178 (Harry Pitt) 5204 Research Fellow
Professor Peter Jan van Leeuwen 1U14 5578 Professor of Data Assimilation
Mrs Sanita Vetra-Carvalho 3L49 6311 Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Professor Pier Luigi Vidale 3L65 7844 NCAS Climate - Willis Chair in Climate System Science and Climate Hazards
Professor Geoff Wadge 181 (Harry Pitt) 6412 Professioral Research Fellow
Dr. Joanne Waller 1U21 5794 PDRA in Representativity Errors
Dr Chang Gui Wang 2L60 5580 Senior Scientific Software Engineer, MetOffice@Reading
Dr Helen Ward 2U07 5419 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ms Linda Watson 212 (Maths)/1L42 7599/6620 MSc Administrator (Mathematics & Meteorology)
Dr Clare Watt 1U03 6213 Lecturer
Dr Hilary Weller 3L42 4274 NERC Advanced Research Fellow (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Christopher Westbrook 502 Lyle 5570 Lecturer in Meteorology
Dr Laura Wilcox 302E (Lyle) 6187 Senior Research Fellow (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Charles Williams 2U18 5586 Senior Research Fellow (NCAS Climate)
Dr Paul Williams 3L66 8424 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
Mrs Samantha Williams 188 (Harry Pitt) 8653 MELODIES Project Administrator
Ms Rosy Wilson GL35 7216 Senior Technician
Dr Simon Wilson 2U02 5618 Expert Research Scientist Software Engineer, MetOffice@Reading and NCAS-CMS
Dr Gabriel Wolf 3L47 6014 Research Scientist (ODYSEA)
Dr Margaret Woodage 302D (Lyle) 8647 Research Fellow
Dr Steve Woolnough 2L36 4544 Principal Research Fellow (NCAS-Climate)
Dr Richard Iestyn Woolway 285 (ESSC) 7762 Postdoctoral Research Assistant (EUSTACE)
Dr Guiying Yang 3L60 6016 Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)
M4 Alan Yates 406 Lyle 8815 IEA
Dr Giuseppe Zappa 3L60 6016 Postdoctoral Research Assistant (ACRCC)
Kjell zum Berge 2U07 5419 Technician (Urban Fluxes)

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