Professor Keith Morrison

Professor of Synthetic Aperture Radar


Academic Staff

Research Interests:

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar applied to terrestrial remote sensing and the retrieval of bio-geophysical parameters. Activities include laboratory, field, and modelling work. Target of interest include:
    • crops (state, health, yield)
    • forestry (health, biomass)
    • soil (moisture)
    • snow (snow water equivalent)

    Research Projects:

    • Visiting Scientist Soil Moisture Climate Change Initiative [ESA]
    • (SWINTOL) SAR Wave Interaction for Natural Targets Over Land [ESA]
    • Multi-Phase-Center Processing of Ice Sounding Radar Signals for Across-Track Surface Clutter Cancellation [ESA]
    • Design, Build & Supply of a Ground-Based Imaging Radar [Beijing University]
    • (PHAROS) Laboratory Study of an Experimental, Low-Cost, Low-Mass, Bistatic Radar Imaging Satellite [Dstl]
    • (CORREO) Conformal Retro Reflectors for Earth Observation. [UK Space Agency]
    • (DETERMINE) - New Configurations for Low Cost, Fast and Efficient Ground Penetrating Radar for Humanitarian Demining [Find A Better Way / EPSRC]
    • Ground Validation of Proposed Snow Water Equivalent Retrieval Algorithms [NERC]
    • Bi-Static and Multi-Static SAR Imaging [Dstl]
    • Monitoring Vegetated Railway Slopes using Radar Interferometry [Nottingham University & East Midlands Development Agency]
    • Laboratory Characterisation of the Radar Signature of Methane Bubbles in Lake Ice [UK Space Agency]
    • Understanding the Decorrelating Effects of Wind Motion on InSAR Imagery of Forestry. [NERC]
    • Bi-Static and Multi-Static SAR Imaging [Dstl]

    Other interests

    • SAR waveform design
    • SAR 3D tomography
    • Sub-surface imaging from space

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