Professor Paul Williams

Professor of Atmospheric Science

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  • Professor of Atmospheric Science
  • Royal Society University Research Fellow

Research Interests:

  • Small-scale features in the atmosphere and ocean
  • Clear-air turbulence
  • Numerical modelling and time-stepping
  • Stochastic parameterisation

Research Projects:

  • Improving predictive climate models through stochastic parameterization (Royal Society URF)
  • New insights into atmospheric turbulence (Royal Society research grant)
  • Philip Leverhulme Prize in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Postdoctoral & graduate student supervision:

  • Dr Martin Airey is a postdoc working on atmospheric sensors.
  • Dr Nicola Howe is a postdoc working on stochastic eddy parameterisation in ocean models.
  • Dr Keri Nicoll is NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow working with the aviation and radiosonde industries.
  • Mr Luke Storer is a graduate student working on aviation turbulence.
  • Miss Julie Chenery is a graduate student working on ocean modelling.
  • Mr Graeme Marlton is a graduate student working on atmospheric turbulence measurements.

Other interests:

  • Editor of Geophysical Research Letters
  • Science communication

Recent Publications:

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