Dr Simon Thomas

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


I am a postdoctoral research assistant in Earth observation at the University of Reading. Specifically, I use observations from satellites and buoys, as well as modelling, to investigate the daily variation in sea-surface temperatures. I am supervised by Prof. Chris Merchant and Dr. Jonathan Mittaz.

Research Interests:

  • Earth Observations.
  • Sea-Surface Temperatures.
  • Satellite Measurements.
  • Space Weather.
  • The Solar Wind

Research Projects:

  • FIDUCEO : FIDUCEO brings insights from metrology (measurement science) to the observation of Earth’s climate from space.
  • CCI-SST : Improving estimates of sea-surface temperature.

Media and Public Engagement

I am very keen to help out with any media and outreach opportunities. If you would like me to discuss science with your audience, please let me know via email (address on the right).


  • What is the sun up to?
    Lockwood, M., Owens, M.J., Barnard, L., Davis, C.J., Thomas, S.R.
    Astron. & Geophys., 2012. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-4004.2012.53309.x


Office: 287 (Harry Pitt)

Extension: 5215

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