Albert Osso

Research Scientist (NCAS)

I am a postdoc researcher for NCAS-Climate, at the . My current work is focused on understanding the role of air-sea interactions in shaping the summer climate of Europe. I obtained my PhD degree at the University of Barcelona on July 2014, analyzing the evolution of the stratospheric ozone content, stratospheric temperatures and the Brewer Dobson Circulation during the last decades.

My research interests lie on:

Global climate variability, predictability and change.
Troposphere-stratosphere coupling.
Tropical Cyclone variability.

Research Projects:

Summer: Testing Influences and Mechanisms for Europe (SummerTIME).

Other interests:

Scientific communication and policy advice.
Alpinism and anything related with mountains.



Ossó A., Sutton R., Shaffrey L., Dong B.(2017),Observational evidence of European summer weather patterns predictable from spring Accepted for publication in PNAS


Ossó A., Shaffrey L., Dong B. , Sutton R.(2016),Impact of air-sea interaction on the NH summertime atmospheric mean state, interannual variability and tropical-extratropical teleconnections Submitted to Climate Dynamics


Ossó A., Sola Y., Rosenlof K. , Hassler B., Bech J., Lorente J. (2015), How Robust Are Trends in the Brewer–Dobson Circulation Derived from Observed Stratospheric Temperatures? Journal of Climate 28:8, 3024-3040. doi:

Bech, J., Sola, Y., Ossó, A. and Lorente, J. (2015), Analysis of 14 years of broadband ground-based solar UV index observations in Barcelona. Int. J. Climatol., 35: 45–56.


Thompson DW, Seidel DJ, Randel WJ, Zou CZ, Butler AH, Mears C, Ossó A, Long C, Lin R. (2012),The mystery of recent stratospheric temperature trends. Nature 491 692–697.

Sola Y., Lorente J., Ossó A., (2012), Analyzing UV-B narrowband solar irradiance: Comparison with erythemal and vitamin D production irradiances, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 117, 5, 90-96.


Ossó, A., Y. Sola, J. Bech, and J. Lorente (2011), Evidence for the influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on the total ozone column at northern low latitudes and midlatitudes during winter and summer seasons, J. Geophys. Res., 116, D24122.


Corral A, Ossó A, Llebot J (2010), Scaling of tropical-cyclone dissipation. Nature Physics 6: 693–696.

Office: Harry Pitt 282

Extension: 5214

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