Dr Andrew Charlton-Perez

Associate Professor of Meteorology

Web Pages:

Group: http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/research/stratclim

My Research: http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/~sws05ajc


MSc Programme Director

Research Interests:

  • Stratospheric Dynamics and Climate
  • Stratospheric Predictability
  • Geo-engineering
  • Cold-weather risk and health impacts
  • Communication of uncertainty for natural hazards

Research Projects:

  • Atmospheric dynamics Research and Infrastructure in Europe: Making use of novel observations of the middle atmosphere for weather and climate forecasting (ARISE)
  • Stratospheric Network for the Assessment of Predictability: An international research network designing experiments to assess predictability of and from the Stratosphere (SNAP)
  • Robust Assessment and Communication of Environmental Risk: Improving methods for calculating and communicating risk for a range of natural hazards (RACER)

Postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

  • Chris Lee works on modelling the potential impact of ARISE measurements on weather forecasts (ARISE, EU).
  • Om Tripathi runs the SNAP network and works on stratospheric predictability (SNAP, NERC).
  • Natalie Harvey works on improving estimates of the risk to aircraft from volcanic ash (RACER, NERC).
  • Angus Ferraro is a final year PhD student co-supervised with Prof. Ellie Highwood, working on assessing the impact of stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering (NERC).
  • Kieran Lynch is a 3rd year PhD student co-supervised with Dr David Brayshaw, working on methods to predict energy market supply and demand on monthly timescales (NERC and Centrica).
  • Alexander Lawes is a final year MPhil student co-supervised with Prof. Alan O'Neill, working on assessing the skill of seasonal forecasts with and without stratospheric representation (NERC).
  • Kate Fradley is a 1st year PhD student co-supervised by Dr Helen Dacre, Dr Ken Mylne (Met Office), Dr Caroline Jones (Met Office) and Prof. Virginia Murray (Public Health England), working on developing health risks from cold weather (RACER, NERC and Met Office).

Other interests

  • Outreach with schools
  • Working with Industry
  • Flexible working and work-life integration

Recent Publications:

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