Dr John Nicol

Postdoctoral Research Scientist (NCAS-Weather)


Senior Reseach Scientist (NCAS-Atmospheric Physics)

Web pages:

My research: http://www.met.rdg.ac.uk/~sws04jcn/ Group: http://weather.ncas.ac.uk/

Research Interests:

  • Radar refractivity retrieval
  • Retrievals of vertical air motion
  • Dual-polarisation and multi-wavelength observations
  • Quantitative Precipitation Estimation

Research Projects:

  • Flooding From Intense Rainfall - Forecasting Rainfall through Assimilation of New observations of Convection : (FFIR-FRANC)
  • DYnamical and Microphysical Evolution of Convective Storms : (DYMECS)
  • Exploiting multi-wavelength radar Doppler spectra to characterise the microphysics of ice hydrometeors: (Hydromet)
  • COnvective Precipitation Experiment: (COPE)
  • A new signal processing technology to eliminate range sidelobes in meteorological radar data:

Other interests

  • Cricket
  • Skiing


Office: 506 Lyle

Extension: 7381

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