Dr Buwen Dong

Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)

Web Pages:

My Research: http://www.personal.reading.ac.uk/~sws04bd/


Senior Research Scientist (NCAS-Climate)

Research Interests:

  • Coupled ocean atmosphere interaction
  • Atlantic ocean variability and its impact on global climate
  • The impact of aerosol on regional and global climate
  • Asian monsoon variability and predictability
  • Paleoclimate modelling
  • Detection and attribution of climate change

Research Projects:

  • Analysing Models And Reanalysis to understand Brazilian Environmental Loss and Opportunity (AMARELO)
  • Long Term Undulations versus Secular Change in Chinese Climate (LOTUS)
  • Effects of aerosol on regional climate and near term prediction for East Asia and Europe
  • Global DYnamics of Climate Variability and impacts on East Asia (DYVA)
  • Summer:Testing Influences and Mechanisms for Europe (SummerTIME)
  • Event attribution analyses for China (1 October 2014-31 March 2015)

Postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

  • Dr Fangxing Tian, Co-supervised by Dr Jon Robson and Prof. Rowan Sutton
  • Dr Paul-Arthur Monerie, Co-supervised by Dr Jon Robson
  • Dr Albert Osso, Co-supervised by Prof. Len Shaffrey and Prof. Rowan Sutton
  • Dr Irene Polo (Visitor from Nov. 2011 to June 2013), Co-supervised by Prof. Rowan Sutton
  • PhD student: Jason Webster (2010-2013). Co-supervised by Prof. Rowan Sutton

Other interests

  • Editor of "Advances in Atmospheric Sciences"
  • Editor of "Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters"

Recent Publications:

Publications for b.dong@reading.ac.uk

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