Lewis Blunn

PhD Year 2

PhD Title:

Characterising Mixing and Tracer Transport in the Urban Boundary Layer


Dr Omduth Coceal (NCAS), Prof Bob Plant (UoR), Prof Janet Barlow (UoR), Dr Sylvia Bohnenstengel (Met) and Dr Humphrey Lean (Met)

Research Interests

I am interested in modelling air transport in the boundary layer (BL) at O(100m-1km) resolution. At these resolutions BL turbulence is partially resolved and the modelling regime is in the so-called "greyzone" of BL turbulence. Turbulence controls dispersion in the BL and therefore its representation is important for accurate urban air quality prediction. My PhD research questions are:

  • How does model resolution in the greyzone influence urban pollution dispersion prediction?
  • What effect does the urban canopy have on urban pollution dispersion?
  • Is it necessary to represent the urban canopy in the vertical rather than as a 0D slab for accurate air quality prediction?
  • What are the important meteorological conditions affecting urban air quality?

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