Joshua Talib

PhD Year 3


3rd Year PhD Student. Co-Chair of Postgraduate Research Forum.

Research Interests:

  • Tropical Meteorology
  • Global Dynamics
  • Tropical Convection
  • Climate Change
  • Science Communication

Research Projects:

  • What controls the location and intensity of the InterTropical Convergence Zone? (SCENARIO Funded PhD Project). Using the Met Office Unified Model (Global Atmosphere 6.0 configuration) in an aquaplanet modelling environment, I am investigating mechanisms that control ITCZ characteristics. Key components of my PhD include understanding tropical climate dynamics and gaining confidence in using the MetUM.
  • I have also participated in project COPbot, which included representing University of Reading students at COP22, Marrakech. The project was a collaboration between the Walker Institute, SCENARIO, and UNFCCC, with the aim of increasing young scientist participation in policy development. More information on my experience can be found on the Social Metwork blog site .

Project Supervision

Other Interests:

  • Organiser and creator of the Social Metwork blog site. The website aims to publish weekly blog posts on PhD student experience and current research projects.

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