Dr Michael Taylor

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Working for the FIDUCEO project: www.fiduceo.eu

Research Interests:

  • Application of metrology to climate data records
  • Neural network models for generation of hi-res UV products and ozone datasets for satellite validation
  • Long-term trend and oscillatory structure in geophysical time series
  • Optimization of multistep forecast models in R

Research Projects:

  • Fidelity and uncertainty in climate data records from Earth Observations (FIDUCEO)
  • Long-term Ozone Trends and Uncertainties in the Stratosphere (LOTUS)
  • Global mapping of aerosol properties using neural network inversions of ground and satellite based data (AEROMAP)

Academic services

  • Co-director of Open Scholar
  • Associate Member of EuroScience
  • Member of European Geosciences Union
  • Editor for Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics
  • Reviewer for Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
  • Reviewer for Annales Geophsicae
  • Reviewer for Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
  • Reviewer for Remote Sensing of the Environment


Recent Publications:

Publications for michael.taylor@reading.ac.uk


Office: 285 (Harry Pitt)

Extension: 5126

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