Dr Joy Singarayer

Associate Professor of Palaeoclimatology

Web Pages:

Group: http://www.reading.ac.uk/sages/research/CPCC/sages-CPCC.aspx

My Research: http://www.joysingarayer.net/


  • Equality and Diversity School Champion
  • Centre for Past Climate Change steering committee

    Research Interests:

    • Quaternary (roughly last 2Myr) climate change and beyond
    • Interactions between humans, land cover/use, and climate, prehistoric and present
    • Using past climate change to understand and constrain current and future changes

    Research Projects:

    • PRIDE: drivers of Pontocaspian biodiversity RIse and DEmise (EU ITN)
    • Using InterGLacials to Assess future Sea-level Scenarios (iGLASS, NERC). Website: iGLASS
    • Palaeoclimate Model Intercomparison Project (PMIP3) - LGM and Holocene terrestrial carbon fluxes and climate. Website: PMIP3
    • Climate change in the last glacial cycle (BBC)
    • Cooling with crops: biogeoengineering (DEFRA)

    Current postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

    • Richard Smith 1st year of PhD working on reconstructing Amazonia under mid-Holocene drought (joint with Frank Mayle, SAGES, University of Reading)
    • Clare Smith 2nd year of PhD working on the climatic variability and the influence of human land use over the Holocene
    • Matt Whipple 4th year of PhD working on glacio-isostatic modelling and climate modelling to constrain Antarctic sources of sea level change in the last interglacial (joint with Bristol, iGLASS)
    • Max Holloway 3rd year PhD reconciling climate models and Antarctic ice core stable-water isotope records (NERC, joint with British Antarctic Survey)
    • James Bradley 2nd year of PhD creating a model of microbial succession in glacial forelands (NERC, joint with Bristol)
    • Edward Armstrong 2nd year of PhD looking at the impacts of land-use and land cover change on decadal variability and prediction in the North Atlantic (NERC, joint with Bristol)

    Recent Publications:

    Publications for j.s.singarayer@reading.ac.uk

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