Dr Charles Williams

Senior Research Fellow (NCAS Climate)

Web Pages:

Group: http://ncas-climate.nerc.ac.uk/tropical/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

My Research: http://www.met.rdg.ac.uk/~charlie/africa.html


Climate Scientist (Research Staff).

Research Interests:

  • African climate variability and change, and climate extremes
  • Indian monsoon variability and change
  • Land-atmosphere interactions, and associated impacts on climate
  • Impacts of regional climate variability and change on society, and adaptation/resilience building to climate shocks

Research Projects:

  • Hydrometeorological feedbacks and changes in water storage and fluxes in Northern India (Hydroflux-India)
  • Comparing Atmosphere-Land surface feedbacks from Models within the tropics (CALM)
  • Understanding rainfall variability and extreme events over southern Africa (Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship)
  • Tropical Applications of Meteorology using Satellite data (TAMSAT)

Postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

  • Alexander Farnsworth is a PhD student co-supervised by Dr Emily Black, who has recently submitted his thesis on land-atmosphere interactions in central Africa (RETF studentship)
  • Edmund Har is a final year PhD student co-supervised by Dr Emily Black, working on rainfall variability and the influence of the Turkana jet over eastern Africa
  • Matthew Young is a 3rd year PhD student co-supervised by Dr Christine Chiu, working on improving satellite-derived rainfall estimates over Africa

Other interests

  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS)
  • Chair of the Climate Change Research Group (CCRG), one of the research groups of the RGS
  • Science communication and the use of social media

Recent Publications:

Publications for c.j.r.williams@reading.ac.uk

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