Why study Meteorology and Climate at Reading?

Interested in weather and climate, and looking for an applied science degree which will widen, rather than narrow, your future career options? Want to study in one of the world's most highly rated teaching centres for meteorology and climate science? Then why not opt for an undergraduate degree in meteorology at the University of Reading? Our current students especially value the following:

  • We're a world class department. Our teaching staff of about 45 academics includes many scientists recognised as world experts in their subjects, including three Fellows of the Royal Society.
  • Hands-on experience. There is a strong practical element to all courses - after all, weather doesn't just happen in computer models! You can expect to take part in field courses and team-based hands-on laboratory experiments, indoors and out. Dont forget to pack a waterproof raincoat and a pair of wellies!
  • Opportunity to study abroad. We have an established study exchange programme with Oklahoma University in the USA. As well as being home to a large and highly regarded School of Meteorology, Oklahoma University also plays host to the US National Severe Storms Laboratory and the US National Weather Center. Each year up to 10 of our undergraduate students spend a year studying in Oklahoma. Its location in the heart of North Americas "Tornado Alley" gives our students a unique chance to study the development of the severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that characterise the weather in this region.
  • A dedicated and friendly environment. We have an excellent staff to student ratio of about 1:2. Most of your teaching will be in small groups, and students are able to get to know all staff well.
  • Unrivalled networking and employability. We have a strong focus on employability, and work closely with the university,s career advisors and a wide range of potential employers to ensure that our students are well-fitted for careers in weather, climate and environmental science once they graduate. We hold a careers event annually during the Spring term, and have an unrivalled network of previous graduates to help and advise those just starting out in the world of work.

Our dedicated and professional teaching staff will do their upmost to fire your enthusiasm and ensure your success. We aim to see you graduate from Reading not only with a life-long interest in this fascinating subject, but also with a range of transferable skills, including group and individual presentation work, team-working and IT skills, all highly valued by potential employers. For further information on all the courses we offer, please refer to our undergraduate brochure Meteorology at Reading

Student quote

" I've particularly enjoyed the practical side of the course - like the measurements we've taken out on the field of solar radiation and temperature. [In Oklahoma] When storm chasing season came round in the spring, students would head out on the road in the hope of experiencing more extreme weather events. As a meteorology student it was great to get close up to storms including witnessing three tornadoes!"

Zadie Stock, MMet Meteorology (with a year in Oklahoma)

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