Research Division - Weather

Research Division leader: Professor Sue Grimmond

We focus on the physical and dynamical processes that control the evolution and predictability of weather from hours to days. As well as work of more fundamental nature, there is particular emphasis on processes that contribute to understanding air quality, either directly at the urban level, or mesoscale processes that transport pollutants to larger scales, on data assimilation, and in understanding severe weather events, such as intense convection and weather systems. We have strong links with MetOffice@Reading and have several postdoctoral staff funded by the Atmospheric Physics Directorate of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS).

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Associated academic and senior research staff

In the following table of researcher publications and output links, click on C for Centaur, R for Researchgate, G for Google Scholar and O for ORCID

Subject area(s)
Dr Martin Airey          
Professor Maarten Ambaum Theoretical and dynamical meteorology        
Dr Ross Bannister          
Professor Janet Barlow Urban meteorology   R G  
Boundary layer meteorology
Influences of stratospheric variability on medium-range and sub-seasonal predictability. Communication of risk and uncertainty.
    G O
Professor Peter Clark Convective-scale weather systems        
Professor Hannah Cloke Hydrology        
Dr Omduth Coceal Turbulence and dispersion (theory, simulation and modelling); boundary layer and urban meteorology   R G  
Weather systems and pollution transport
  R G O
Data assimilation
  R G O
Dynamics and predictability
Mr Alan Grant Mixing in the ocean surface boundary layer, and its parametrization in large scale models   R    
Weather systems and convection
  R G O
Professor Sue Grimmond Urban Meteorology (Research Division leader) C R G O
Professor Giles Harrison Atmospheric electricity, novel instrumentation and clouds        
Dr Ben Harvey Extratropical weather systems        
Dr Kevin Hodges Mid-latitude cyclones        
Professor Robin Hogan Cloud remote sensing and radiative transfer        
Dr Chris Holloway: Atmospheric convection and tropical weather and climate   R G O
Professor Sir Brian Hoskins FRS Weather systems and climate processes        
Professor Anthony Illingworth Radar meteorology        
Tropical meteorology
Dr William Keat          
Dr Oscar Martinez-Alvarado

Mid-latitude weather systems, mesoscale meteorology and high-impact weather

  R G O
Atmospheric dynamics and transport
Dr John Nicol          
Dr Lenka Novakova          
Atmospheric convection
  R G O
Dr Thorwald Stein Evaluation of clouds and convection in weather and climate models using ground-based and satellite-based observations   R G O
Dr Miguel Teixeira Theoretical boundary layer and mesoscale meteorology, focusing on mountain waves and oceanic turbulence   R G O
Dr Simon Thomas Using satellite observations and modelling to deduce the diurnal variation in sea-surface temperatures   R G  
Dr Grady Walker Visual methods teaching and learning, participatory action-research, critical pedagogy, and critical theory (Walker Institute)        
Numerical modelling of the atmosphere
  R G O
Dr Chris Westbrook Cloud physics and radar remote sensing        
Dr Paul Williams Numerical modelling, geophysical fluid dynamics and climate dynamics   R G O

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