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Equatorial Winds

This page shows a time-pressure section for the last two years zonal mean equatorial winds for monitoring of the QBO and SAO in the equatorial stratosphere. Fields are extracted from Met Office analyses. The plot updates each day to include the most recent zonal mean zonal winds averaged between 10S and 10N.

Negative values indicate easterly winds and are shaded in blue at 5 ms-1 intervals, positive values indicate westerly winds and are shaded in yellow and red colours.

Please note that as of January 2006 a substantial change was made to the Met Office data which is no longer produced with a seperate Stratospheric resolution model. There is a large (< 4 month) period when the data is unstable and the format available from the BADC was not fixed so this data has not been included and is shown in the plot as a large white space. Note also that previously data was collected just for winds at 1.25N and not averaged over an equatorial band so there is some discontinuity in the data, but it nevertheless gives some feel for the state of the QBO and SAO over the current cycle.

Latest update: Jan 2008

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