The global-scale impacts of climate change: QUEST-GSI

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Key aim of QUEST-GSI:

The key aim of QUEST-GSI is to better quantify the impacts of climate change in a consistent way across the entire globe, and for a range of sectors such as: water resources, flooding, crops and human health.

The project is part of Theme 3 of the NERC funded QUEST programme.

Informing climate policy

Climate change impacts studies to date typically consider particular regions and sectors and use a wide range of socio-economic and climate scenarios. This makes it difficult to assess impacts at the global scale and to compare impacts for different socio-economic and climate futures. Furthermore it makes it difficult to assess the effectiveness of proposed policy measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and so reduce the impacts of climate change.

Key questions

  • What are the global-scale impacts for different levels of global temperature change?
  • How are the impacts in different sectors interrelated?
  • Where are the “hot spots”?
  • How much will climate change mitigation and adaptation policies reduce “damages”?

Key aspects of the QUEST-GSI project

  • Improved quantification of impacts and uncertainty
  • Consistent analysis across different sectors and across the globe
  • Interlinkages between the sectors
  • Consideration of adaptation and vulnerability

Things to do now

Contact the QUEST-GSI co-ordinator
Prof Nigel Arnell:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 0118 378 7392

Prof Nigel Arnell is the Director of the Walker Institute for Climate System Research at the University of Reading.

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