Some examples of current projects involving Reading/Met Office Collaboration

Current Projects

Those without links are generally just getting started. Please be patient!

Theme: From processes to parametrizations to future models
IMPALA Improving Model Processes for African cLimAte.
GREYBLS modelling GREY-zone Boundary LayerS.
PRESTO PREcipitation Structures over Orography.
OSMOSIS Ocean Surface Mixing, Ocean Sub-mesoscale Interaction Study.
Theme: Advanced data assimilation
ESA Climate Change Initiative Realise the full potential of long-term global Earth Observation archives.
SST CCI Creating new Climate Data Records (CDRs) of SST from satellite retrievals.
Theme: High-resolution convective- and urban-scale modelling
FFIR Flooding From Intense Rainfall; includes projects
FRANC: Forecasting rainfall through asssimilation of new observations of convection.
SINATRA: Susceptibility of catchments to INTense RAinfall and flooding.
DIPLOS Dispersion of Localised Releases in a Street Network.
Urban PILPS International Urban land surface model comparison.
Observing London Developing a London Climate Data Portal.
Theme: Multi-scale predictability and ensembles
DYNAMOC Dynamics and Predictability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and Climate.
Theme: Attribution and seasonal-to-decadal prediction of climate through observation and process understanding
Monsoon Mission Improved Indo-UK capability for seamless forecasting of monsoon rainfall: from days to the season.
INCOMPASS Interaction of Convective Organization and Monsoon Precipitation, Atmosphere, Surface and Sea.
EarthTemp A network to stimulate new international collaboration in measuring and understanding the surface temperatures of Earth.
DEEP-C Diagnosing Earth's Energy Pathways in the Climate system
CLARIFY-2016 CLouds and Aerosol Radiative Impacts and Forcing; Year: 2016.
SAMBBA South American Biomass Burning Analysis.
TEA-COSI How do the atmosphere, sea-ice and ocean interact to influence Arctic climate?
PAGODA A consortium focusing on the global dimensions of changes in the water cycle in the atmosphere, land, and oceans.
HRCM High-resolution Climate Modelling
UPSCALE Global climate modelling down to 12 km atmospheric resolution.
Theme: Application of the science of climate and its application in adaptation and mitigation decision-making
EUCLEIA Attribution of European climate events.
SAPRISE South Asian precipitation, a seamless assessment.
IMPETUS Improving Predictions of Drought for User Decision-Making.
AVOID Avoiding dangerous climate change.
ECLIPSE Develop and assess effective emission abatement strategies for short-lived climate forcers.
Theme: Space weather
Using NASA STEREO Driving space weather forecasts with real data.
No Theme
EUSTACE EU Surface Temperature for All Corners of Earth
MyOcean Operational infrastructure for disseminating ocean forecasts, analyses and observations.

Past Projects

DYMECS Dynamical and Microphysical Evolution of Convective Storms.
DIAMET DIAbatic influences on Mesoscale structures in ExTratropical storms.
FENNEC The Saharan Climate System.
CASCADE Scale interactions in the tropical atmosphere.
Modelling Monsoons

For further information contact the Joint Met Office Chair Professor Peter Clark.

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