Met Office Academic Partnership

The University of Reading, along with the University of Leeds and the University of Exeter, is part of the Met Office Academic Partnership. Launched in 2010, the partnership aims to advance the science and skill of weather and climate prediction, provide society with the best possible advice and provide an outstanding environment to develop the science leaders of tomorrow.

Since its establishment in 1965, the Department of Meteorology at Reading has had a close collaborative relationship with the Met Office, which has grown over the years and we currently have over 100 active research collaborations with Met Office scientists (both funded and unfunded). Moreover, the Department has hosted Met Office groups for over two decades, and currently hosts around 25 Met Office scientists in MetOffice@Reading, working in a wide range of fields including convective-scale modelling and data assimilation, climate change and satellite observations. The partnership provides a framework to enhance collaborations with all parts of the Met Office, including Met Office research groups based at Exeter and at Reading.

Some examples of past and ongoing collaborative projects is available here. Further information relating to the Reading MOAP and collaborative projects is available for those involved in the collaboration on the Met Office's collaboration twiki.


The latest (September 2014) newsletter is available here.

Past newsletters are available here.

Science Plan

A Science Plan has been written in which the activities of the partnership with Reading have been structured around seven themes:

  1. From processes to parametrizations to future models
  2. Advanced data assimilation
  3. High-resolution convective- and urban-scale modelling
  4. Multi-scale predictability and ensembles
  5. Attribution and seasonal-to-decadal prediction of climate through observation and process understanding
  6. Application of the science of climate and its application in adaptation and mitigation decision-making
  7. Space weather

Partnership activities

To help achieve the research aims in the Science Plan, the partnership has initiated the following:

  1. A jointly funded Chair to lead the Reading part of the collaboration. Professor Peter Clark is the Joint Met Office Chair.
  2. A secondment scheme to enable Met Office scientists to work at Reading for a period of time, and vice versa.
  3. Met Office providing CASE support for a number of our PhD studentships.
  4. A few postdoctoral staff working at Reading who are jointly funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and the Met Office.
  5. Consultations to ensure that the Met Office research plan is aligned with funded University projects, enabling Met Office staff and University researchers to collaborate in areas of strategic importance.

For further information contact the Joint Met Office Chair Professor Peter Clark.

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