Research Division - Climate

Research Division leader: Professor Ted Shepherd

Climate is a very broad subject. Our particular 'unique selling point' is our strength in dynamics and, related to that, our coexistence with a strong Weather research division within a Department of Meteorology. Our vision is to leverage that relationship to be a crucible for world-leading research that is both innovative and impactful in the meteorologically oriented topics of climate-related extremes, climate processes (including process-oriented model evaluation), and climate prediction. Both internal and external partnerships allow us to expand the reach of those topics to impacts on human and natural systems.
Disciplinary areas of particular strength include -

  • Climate variability and change
  • High-resolution climate modelling
  • Tropical climate
  • Land-surface processes
  • Radiative transfer and atmospheric chemistry
  • Aerosol-climate interactions, and
  • Polar climate.

The first four of these are made considerably stronger by the co-location of an NCAS-Climate group working in the area; likewise polar climate benefits substantially from the co-location of a NERC Centre (CPOM). Given the importance of computational modelling in our work, all areas benefit greatly from NCAS-CMS.

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