50 Years of Meteorology research in Reading 1965-2015 - past, present and future

The University of Reading’s Department of Meteorology celebrated its 50th anniversary as a world-leading centre for weather and climate research during summer 2015 with a number of public events during June and July, including tours of the department, laboratories and atmospheric observatory, anniversary-themed presentations by past and present members of the department, a new book on Reading's long weather record, a departmental 'bake-off' baking contest and even a competition to design the new weather vane to adorn the Meteorology building.

NEW EVENT - Public lecture, Wednesday 10 February 2016

We are pleased to announce that Stephen Burt and Roger Brugge will jointly present one of the University's Public Lecture series next February. The topic will be 'One hundred years of weather at the University of Reading', and it will build upon their recent book (published as part of the Meteorology Department's 50th anniversary programme during 2015), the details of which and ordering details are given below.

Bookings for the February Public Lecture are now open - please follow the link to register.

One hundred years of Reading weather

Weather observations have been made at the University of Reading every day since 1901. This new book tells the story of Reading's weather over the past hundred years and more using a combination of archived logbooks, contemporary photographs and today's sophisticated automatic weather measuring equipment.

Contents The climate of Reading * The makers of the observations * The annual cycle * January * February * March * April * May * June * July * August * September * October * November * December * Annual * The seasons – winter, spring, summer and autumn * Holiday weather * Warmest, driest, sunniest …  * Droughts and wet spells * Earliest and latest dates * ‘Top ten’ extremes * On this date … * Climatological averages * Publications on various aspects of Reading’s weather * Index

ISBN 978-0-9569485-1-9

210 x 297 mm * 200 pp * 46 photographs * 43 line illustrations * Fully indexed

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