Public Engagement

Staff within the Department of Meteorology are commited to engaging with business, the general public, and in particular school children and teachers. We want to give you the opportunity to experience hands-on the fascinating science that we do, to engender a fascination of climate and weather science and to encourage students to continue with their science and maths education.

Our staff frequently give talks and demonstrations for local schools and community groups (see activities for a sample of events and resources) plus we work with the Royal Meteorological Society and STEMNET as science ambassadors (see also University information and resources page for Teachers and Careers Advisors.

We believe it is important to interact with the wider community in a debate on key scientific issues that our research is helping to inform, such as climate change and the ozone hole. Many staff and students use Social Media to contribute to the wider community in this way.

We hold an open day annually for GCSE level school children when over 50 students visit the Department and take part in hands-on activities to learn about weather and climate (see planned activities).

These pages are currently maintained by Richard Allan. Resources to help with outreach activities are available at the following Blackboard Organisation (department members only, please contact Richard Allan if you are not enrolled)

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