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Lunchtime Seminars – Summer Term 2018

Lunchtime Seminars take place during term time on Tuesdays from 13:00 to 13:50 (unless otherwise stated) in the Sutcliffe Lecture Theatre, Meteorology Building GU01, University of Reading, Earley Gate. The Meteorology and Agriculture Buildings can be located using the "find us" link at the bottom of this page. Seminars are given by students and staff in the Department and cover a broad range of topics related to weather and climate. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For a copy of the schedule please click here


1 May Jon Elsey
Accurate spectral measurements of solar radiation - why we need improved understanding in the near-infrared
9 May (Wednesday) Valeriu Predoi
ESMValTool - an efficient evaluation tool for climate models and data
15 May Hélène Bresson
Polar lows: their potential influence on the ocean circulation and their response to Climate Change
22 May Bill Collins
The benefits of methane mitigation
30 May (Wednesday) ** @ 12:00 ** Juwon Kim
The impact of aerosols on cloud microphysics and dynamics in deep convective clouds over the UK
5 June Ross Herbert
What I did on my holidays: aerosol-cloud-radiative effects of biomass burning aerosols over the SE Atlantic
12 June No seminar
Due to the Tri-MIP-athlon taking place during this week the decision has been made to postpone this talk
19 June Holly Turner
Estimating the effects of vertical wind shear on orographic gravity wave drag
26 June Chris Scott
The Ionospheric response over the UK to major bombing raids during World War II

Any questions about the programme? Or would you like to present a Lunchtime Seminar in the future? Contact: Ross Herbert

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