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Professor Ted Shepherd has been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society

Professor Ted Shepherd29 April 2016
The Department of Meteorology and the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences are delighted to announce that Professor Ted Shepherd has been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society (FRS).

Ted Shepherd is a dynamical meteorologist whose interests range from theoretical geophysical fluid dynamics to climate modelling and data analysis, with a focus on atmospheric circulation. This span from fundamentals to applications has been a hallmark of his research.

Ted worked at the University of Toronto from 1988-2012, where he made pioneering contributions to the Hamiltonian description of atmospheric dynamics while initiating and leading the Canadian national climate modelling effort focussed on ozone-climate coupling. He made several pivotal contributions to the understanding of the role of climate variability and change in interpreting the observed ozone record and in predicting future ozone recovery. Since moving to the University of Reading in 2012, Ted has highlighted the important role of atmospheric circulation in climate change, which has implications for regional adaptation and societal risk.

Ted has held leadership roles in scientific assessments of both climate (IPCC) and stratospheric ozone (WMO/UNEP), and in the World Climate Research Programme, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the American Geophysical Union.

We offer our warmest congratulations to Professor Ted Shepherd, FRS!


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