Subset of PhD Projects intersecting with the theme:

Land surface, hydrology and pollution of water and soil

SC2018-08 Detail Developing more robust soil moisture products from SAR imagery
Lead supervisor: Keith Morrison, University of Reading.
This project will be working with the NERC LANDWISE consortium project.

SC2018-12 Detail Video The implications of climate and land cover change for river water quality: model development and scenario assessment
Lead supervisor: Andrew Wade, University of Reading.
This project will be sponsored jointly with the James Hutton Institute.

SC2018-13 Detail Video Forecasting land management and climate effects on earthworm populations
Lead supervisor: Alice Johnston, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from Syngenta.

SC2018-15 Detail Sensors for real-time monitoring of drinking water quality and treatment processes
Lead supervisor: Dan Lapworth, BGS, Wallingford.
This project is based at BGS Wallingford.

SC2018-16 Detail Video Do microplastics transfer potentially toxic elements from water to soil?
Lead supervisor: Monica Felipe-Sotelo, University of Surrey.

SC2018-17 Detail Accumulation of legacy phosphorus in farmland ponds : implications for nutrient management and water quality
Lead supervisor: Steve Robinson, University of Reading.
This project has involvement from the Environment Agency.

SC2018-21 Detail Optimal exploitation of GNSS reflectometry signals for sensing land parameters
Lead supervisor: Craig Underwood, University of Surrey.
This project has CASE funding from Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd.

SC2018-22 Detail Video A new approach to navigating uncertainty in climate related hydrologic risk
Lead supervisor: Ted Shepherd, University of Reading.
This project has co-supervision from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

SC2018-24 Detail Video A global perspective on the urban heat island effect
Lead supervisor: Sue Grimmond, University of Reading.
This project has matching funding from EPSRC with co-supervision and placement opportunities from the ECMWF.

SC2018-27 Detail Using Sentinel satellite remote sensing data to monitor the state of grasslands across a range of management intensities
Lead supervisor: Anne Verhoef, University of Reading.

SC2018-28 Detail Video Quantifying the impact of increased atmospheric CO2 and climate change on photosynthesis using Solar Induced Fluorescence
Lead supervisor: Tristan Quaife, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from NERC Centre for Earth Observation.

SC2018-30 Detail Video Quantifying the effectiveness of natural flood management in lowland catchments
Lead supervisor: Gareth Old, CEH, Wallingford.
This project has CASE funding from the Evenlode Catchment Partnership.

SC2018-33 Detail Video Quantifying responses to abrupt climate change in the Andes, South America: Empirical data and model synergies
Lead supervisor: Stuart Black, University of Reading.

SC2018-35 Detail Money spiders as an 'evosystem service' in agri-landscapes
Lead supervisor: Richard Walters, University of Reading.

SC2018-36 Detail Video The combined health hazard predictability of wildfires and heatwaves
Lead supervisor: Hannah Cloke, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from Copernicus-ECMWF.

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