PhD Projects

The top two projects listed below are available for application for entry in September 2016.

Click on detail to see a full project description and information on the team of supervisors, including email addresses. Many of the projects have podcasts where the lead supervisor outlines the project. You are welcome and encouraged to email the supervisors of projects to ask them any questions you may have or to discuss the project. To submit an application, please see the Apply Now page.

SC2016-20 Detail Podcast Combining remote sensing, novel in-situ temperature sensing techniques and ecosystem models for improved environmental risk assessment related to shallow groundwater
Lead supervisor: Anne Verhoef, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from the Environment Agency

SC2016-31 Detail Surface fluxes, temperature and boundary layer evolution at the building greyzone in London
Lead supervisor: Sue Grimmond, University of Reading.
This project has NERC Industrial CASE funding with the Met Office

Other fully-funded PhD studentships are also still available at the Department of Meteorology PhD admissions page.

Projects that were offered with the closing date of 1st February 2016.

SC2016-01 Detail Podcast Ensemble covariances for coupled atmosphere-ocean data assimilation
Lead supervisor: Amos Lawless, University of Reading.

SC2016-02 Detail Podcast Assessing the resilience of Brazil's Araucaria forest to past and future climate change
Lead supervisor: Frank Mayle , University of Reading.

SC2016-03 Detail Understanding the influence of anthropogenic aerosols on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and related climate impacts
Lead supervisor: Rowan Sutton, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from the Met Office

SC2016-04 Detail In-Flight atmospheric radiation observations for space weather risk monitoring
Lead supervisor: Keith Ryden, University of Surrey.
This project has CASE funding from the Met Office

SC2016-05 Detail Climate variability and extended-range flood forecasting for the Peruvian Amazon
Lead supervisor: Liz Stephens, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

SC2016-06 Detail Modelling functional connectivity of butterflies across landscapes using population and genetic data
Lead supervisor: Tom Oliver, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from Forest Research

SC2016-07 Detail Podcast Application of novel field sensors for tracking pathogens in drinking water supplies in Africa
Lead supervisor: Dan Lapworth, BGS.
This project will be hosted by BGS

SC2016-08 Detail Podcast Cloud electrification and lightning in the evolution of convective storms
Lead supervisor: Thorwald Stein, University of Reading.

SC2016-09 Detail Podcast Contribution of near-infrared bands of greenhouse gases to radiative forcing
Lead supervisor: Keith Shine, University of Reading.

SC2016-10 Detail Turbulent dispersion and thermal flux in the urban canopy
Lead supervisor: Alan Robins, University of Surrey.

SC2016-11 Detail Podcast The implications of climate and land cover change for UK lowland rivers: an assessment of multiple stressors on multiple pollutants
Lead supervisor: Andrew Wade, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from the Environment Agency

SC2016-12 Detail Podcast Evolution of monsoon rainfall in climate models and paleoclimate observations over the last millennium
Lead supervisor: Andrew Turner, University of Reading.

SC2016-13 Detail Air-sea exchanges at the ocean mesoscale: a driver of the ocean circulation?
Lead supervisor: David Ferreira, University of Reading.
This project has NERC Industrial CASE funding with the Met Office

SC2016-14 Detail Impact of very tall buildings on urban air quality
Lead supervisor: Matteo Carpentieri, University of Surrey.

SC2016-15 Detail Quantifying Arctic storm risk in a changing climate
Lead supervisor: Kevin Hodges, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from XL Catlin

SC2016-16 Detail Podcast Improving short-range weather forecasting using ensemble data assimilation
Lead supervisor: Sue Hughes, University of Surrey.
This project has possible CASE funding from the Met Office

SC2016-17 Detail Podcast Assessing the effects of NOx and Ozone on volatile organic compound Signal Mediated InterActions of the silver Y moth (ANOSMIA)
Lead supervisor: Robbie Girling, University of Reading.

SC2016-18 Detail Podcast Explaining timescales associated with jet stream variability
Lead supervisor: John Methven, University of Reading.

SC2016-19 Detail Arctic mass, freshwater and heat fluxes in high-resolution global coupled climate models
Lead supervisor: Len Shaffrey, University of Reading.
This project has CASE funding from the National Oceanography Centre

SC2016-21 Detail Podcast Remote sensing as a tool for ecological forecasting in agricultural landscapes
Lead supervisor: Richard Walters, University of Reading.

SC2016-22 Detail Podcast How do earthworms and soil microbial communities interact to determine the fate of organic matter amendments to soil?
Lead supervisor: Liz Shaw, University of Reading.

SC2016-23 Detail Podcast Trace-element incorporation into stalagmite calcite as a paleo-volcanic record: a chemical perspective
Lead supervisor: Ricardo Grau-Crespo, University of Reading.

SC2016-24 Detail Podcast Large-scale drivers of the seasonal to decadal variability in terrestrial water storage
Lead supervisor: Marie-Estelle Demory, University of Reading.

SC2016-25 Detail Large-scale climate drivers of seasonal river flows
Lead supervisor: Jamie Hannaford, CEH.

SC2016-26 Detail Podcast Impact of extreme rainfall events on the mobility of potentially toxic elements in floodplains
Lead supervisor: Tom Sizmur, University of Reading.
This project is eligible to receive CASE support from BGS Universities Funding Initiative

SC2016-27 Detail Thermodynamic constraints on tropical cyclone intensity and frequency
Lead supervisor: Remi Tailleux, University of Reading.

SC2016-28 Detail Investigating the effects of step-changes in canopy height using a low-cost UAV
Lead supervisor: David Birch, University of Surrey.

SC2016-29 Detail The air we breathe - Quantifying stratospheric influence on extreme air pollution events
Lead supervisor: Michaela Hegglin, University of Reading.
This project has CASE sponsorship from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

SC2016-30 Detail Exploring the role of deadwood in the forest carbon cycle
Lead supervisor: Elena Vanguelova, Forest Research.
This project has NERC Industrial CASE funding with Forest Research

SC2016-32 Detail Decadal variability of tropical cyclones: natural variability or anthropogenic influence?
Lead supervisor: Pier Luigi Vidale, University of Reading.
This project may have additional support from the Risk Prevention Initiative (Bermuda)

SC2016-33 Detail Improving the accuracy of air quality forecasts
Lead supervisor: Helen Dacre, University of Reading.
This project has NERC Industrial CASE funding with the Met Office